Acrylic on Canvas paper
12 x 16 Inches
Fresh Flower petal collage
4x4 Inches
High Fire glaze, fired at Cone 10, Using Raku clay
Various, small jars and bowls
Food and spices used for collage
9 Inch round dinner plate
Latex indoor paint
3.5 x5 Feet


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  • updated the Artwork Form
    Soft blue transitions in the vibrant sky. Dark blue silloutettes of various speices of birds flying. A few glide into the ight of the full moon, thus changing to a lighter shade. 
  • Dried apricot and blueberry sun bursting with rays made from various spices, honey, and herbs. Little piggy made from mixed sugar and paprika sprinkled on top of honey is seen standing in cocoa powder and molases mud surrounded by bread crumb sands,rosemary grasses and rocks made with almonds, adorned with crystalised ginger flowers. .
  • updated the Artwork Flower globe
    An abstract globe shaped collage dipicts a sky with flower stars, rolling hills and organic shapes all created with fresh petals and glue, then photo copied before dry.