Flag cloth, rope, grommets
fabric, flagpoles, rope, grommets
Two flagpoles, 12' tall, installed for 3 day festival
fabric, grommets
fabric, rope, grommets
Modified trailer, Wood, paint, router for carving
ongoing project
Custom steel top, paint, Trailer, ping pong balls and paddles
Aluminum, paint, steel trailer
ongoing project 10’x1’x5’


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  • The Big A works to publicize and disseminate A signs, screenprinted signs with a red “A”  The Big A travels to different art events, neighborhoods parades, etc. It has boxes for the signs with a short explanation of the project and the words, “take one”. A Project window signs have a red A and the text supportive of artists. Meant to be displayed in the window of artist/art supporters’ houses, The A is intended to increase solidarity among artists and people who support art and also t…
  • The Temporary Table Tennis Trailer (TTTT) consists of a trailer mounted, regulation size, steel ping pong table that appears in parking lots, vacant spaces and yards to engage people in conversation and the sport of Table Tennis.
  • Inspired by nautical code flags that are used by navies and ships around the world, Code Flags for St. Petersburg used a six flag and code system to facilitate dialog among attendees of Art Prospect Festival. Participants hoisted code flags on the flagpole and used them to communicate with people at the other flagpole. They answer questions and perform actions that particpants suggested. They have the same code and communicate back to you, creating a dialog.
  • As part of my ongoing project of creating flags for empty flagpoles, I sewed a flag for the new Green Line light rail line that I installed on the Dow Building’s empty flagpole. The flag is currently flying.