Ink, Nonphoto Pencils, Charcoal, and basic sketchbook paper.
Adobe Photoshop CS6, Huion Tablet
Digital Photography
Prismacolors on Mixed Media paper
Copic Marker, Micron Ink, Farber Castell Pencils
Toned Tan Paper, Micron Ink Pens, Tombow Markers, Gellyroll Pens
Toned Tan Paper, Micro Ink Pens, Gelly Roll Pens
Mixed Media on Bristol Board


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  • This project and my final project, which is of my own idea and is homage to Francesca Woodman. She has been an amazing friend for well over a decade and she’s the most unique person I know. Best of all, she lends herself well to emotion and, as Ani Difranco suggests at one point in her lyrical career, Cryz has the “sort of beauty that moves,” which makes it hard to capture under most conditions. In this case, I wanted her as a model because of her ability to emote so well and because she i…
  • Sammy Plenskie updated the Artwork Gift Art
      2017 has not been a good creative year. With a mom in the ICU for half of it and me being dreadfully ill due to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and impacted wisdom teeth one could swear were breaking my jaw, I just haven't had a lot of time to work on anything. This was a gift for a friend and was, literally, one of the only pieces I have worked on steadily to the point of completion. It took something like twelve hours. Straight. What are taking breaks for anything?!
  • Sammy Plenskie updated the Artwork Jared Padalecki
    The most "shared" of my work, most likely. The first piece I did after the break-in that nearly took my life in August of 2015 and broke my dominant hand in two places. It was hard to get back 'in the game' after relearning things, if you get what I mean. If you have heard the story of how I was wearing Jared Padalecki's "Always Keep Fighting" campaign shirt when my assault happened, you know why I drew this first thing when I recovered. I was hung up after a serious ankle injury and it seemed o…