Art exhibit, wine tasting, art and wine pairing games
Immersive play and art installation
Pop-Up, Community-Made Public Art Installation
100 yard signs installed at four public locations in Lowertown, St. Paul for 24 hours
Pop-up Exhibit, Comissioned paintings on wood panel
6 Mini Murals (30"x40") installed in Andy's Gallery at CHS Field, June-September 2016
Performance Art, Social Practice, Public Art
Public Art; Social Practice
Two-night event at Mears Park
Photography | paper, wheatpaste


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  • Saint Paul Cozy is a playful and ambitious community-sourced art project that involves wrapping 158 lampposts in handmade cozies. Knit, crocheted, woven and quilted cozies will be sourced from Minnesota residents and installed along a 12 block stretch of 4th Street in downtown St. Paul prior to the 2018 Winter Carnival. The project is led by the Rage to Order Artists Initiative of Lowertown in partnership with the St. Paul Saints Art Program. Cozies are Due Jan 17, 2018 Exhibition Dates: Jan 25…
  • Six artists were invited to create a "Mini-Mural" for the St. Paul Saints at the "Pre-Game Art Tent" during the 2016 baseball season. The murals were then installed in garden area behind homeplate, aslo known as "Andy's Gallery." This project was sponsored by the St. Paul Saints Community Art Initiative
  • Rachel Wacker updated the Artwork The JAX Wake
    Instigator, Event Designer and Coordinator | A community art event and public art action commemorating the closing of the Jax Art Building and celebrating the JAX artists' contributions to Lowertown Art Community. Featuring a jazz funeral procession, ceremony of remembrance, creation of a temporary memorial and a community party. Photos by Glen Jones, Vaughan Harries
  • Rachel Wacker updated the Artwork Mears Park Muse
    A quiet celebration in and of the place that unites and inspires the people of Lowertown. Equal parts reflection and play, this two night event featured art, light and sound installations by Lowertown artists.
  • Public portrait exhibition featuring 179 artist portraits displayed on 18 buildings in Lowertown, St. Paul.