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Nov 21, 2013
Lumber and Lutheran Grit
Andy Sturdevant

Andy Sturdevant reflects on the peculiarly Minnesotan virtues of Chris Larson's work, marked both by "a plenitude of lumber" and old-fashioned Lutheran grit.
Aug 13, 2013
Thingdom Come
Glenn Gordon

Design critic and artist Glenn Gordon offers his eloquent, if ambivalent, reflections on everyday design and the masses of stuff that unremarkably, but thoroughly, fill the corners of our modern lives.
Aug 12, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 67.1: All the World's a Stage
aE 67.1: All the World's a Stage

This issue's featured banner artist is J. Wasyk, editorial coverage is dominated by this year's Fringe reviewers
Jul 21, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 66.2: Playing Well with Others
aE 66.2: Playing Well with Others

Highlights include featured banner artists Adam Caillier and Michael Mott, reviews of Eclectic Edge Dance Ensemble and new work by Chris Yon and Kaleena Miller, plus a profile of the new collaboration between Bedlam, Mixed Blood and their Somali neighbors
Jul 21, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 66.1: Common Goods
aE 66.1: Common Goods

Features include a personal art history of the "meat dress," the Zine Apothecary, reviews of the McKnight Photo Fellows' shows and the dance performances at New Works 4 Weeks, and more
Jun 23, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 65.2: All Together Now
aE 65.2: All Together Now

Highlights include a love letter to Minneapolis' distinctively generous, collaborative creative community, Jeremy Walker's "hometown blues," a new What Light poem by Assem Kaul and more
Jun 10, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 65.1: The Living End
aE 65.1: The Living End

Features include a new jazz essay by composer/pianist Jeremy Walker, review of Kira Obolensky's collaboration with Shawn McConneloug, a first-person account of Northern Spark, and more
May 27, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 64.2: What Dreams May Come
aE 64.2: What Dreams May Come

Highlights include a preview of the Northern Spark Festival, a review of Walking Shadow Theatre’s "After the Quake,," a new installment in our artists’ guide to coffeehouse galleries, a fresh What Light poem, and lots of good stuff from the blog
May 13, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 64.1: Imagined Vistas
aE 64.1: Imagined Vistas

Highlights include reviews of Zenon Dance Company's spring season and this year's SCUBA Touring Network performances, as well as a new mnLIT flash fiction finalist and the introduction of a weekly blog feature, "Tipsheet"
Apr 22, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 63: Springtime Follies
aE 63: Springtime Follies

Highlights include an essay on kitsch and the human condition; an April Fool's Day ruse from Andy Sturdevant; shop talk with noted local novelists; a new piece by jazz musician Jeremy Walker and more
Feb 25, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 62.2: Roots and Wings
aE 62.2: Roots and Wings

Including an essay on jazz by Jeremy Walker, a review of two recent exhibitions at the Minneapolis Photo Center, a haunting poem by mnLIT finalist Colleen Coyne, and a charming primer-cum-tribute to the work of acclaimed artist Kinji Akagawa
Feb 11, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 62.1: Experiments and Improvisations
aE 62.1: Experiments and Improvisations

Highlights include a conversation with saxophonist George Cartwright, reviews of the Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival and a debut poetry collection by Lucille Broderson, essays on Frank Big Bear and the enduring mystique of Swan Lake
Jan 14, 2011
access+ENGAGE Issue 61: The Big Break
aE 61: The Big Break

Highlights include Andy Sturdevant on Alec Soth’s survivalist publication project with/as Lester B. Morrison, Jeremy Walker on the makings of a truly great musician, Sean Smuda’s dispatch from this year’s Art Basel, and more
Dec 20, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 60: Transitions
aE 60: Transitions

Highlights include: our year-end survey, essays on Russian art and on rethinking the merits of fellowship exhibitions, and more
Nov 22, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 59: A Gracious Plenty
aE 59: A Gracious Plenty

Highlights include a new essay on jazz by Jeremy Walker, profiles of graphic novelist Will Dinski and filmmaker Jake Yuzna, two new mnLIT winners' pieces, and more
Nov 1, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 58.2: Art in the Margins
aE 58.2: Art in the Margins

Highlights include an essay on photographer Alec Soth, ballet on the verge, and our 2010 miniStories grand prize-winner, Hillary Wentworth. PLUS: Springboard is offering a FREE artists' health fair Nov 6!
Oct 15, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 58.1: Art Inside Out
aE 58.1: Art Inside Out

Highlights include a new jazz essay from Jeremy Walker, profiles of conceptual artist Joe Smith and film producer Christine Walker, a new mnLIT poem, a playwright's view on the Iveys, and more
Sep 27, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 57.2: New Dimensions
aE 57.2: New Dimensions

Highlights include Ann Klefstad's essay on Julie Buffalohead's new paintings at Bockley Gallery, a review of Linda LeGarde Grover's story collection THE DANCE BOOTS, and more.
Sep 9, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 57.1: Art Is Where You Find It
aE 57.1: Art Is Where You Find It

Highlights include banner artist Abigail Woods Anderson, a new essay series on jazz by musician Jeremy Walker, an artists' guide to alternative exhibition venues in MN, and more
Aug 18, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 56.2: Field Day
aE 56.2: Field Day

Highlights include a last call for artists for the fall season of CSA, reviews of "Perceptual Opponents" at Mpls Photo Center and "The Art of Conflict" at Tarnish & Gold, and a new Ampers Sampler
Aug 5, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 56.1: Milestones
aE 56.1: Milestones

Features in this - the 100th issue of a+E! - include an essay on the life and death of the upstart Twin Cities art 'zine ARP! and a provocative conversation about family around the Tweed's exhibition, "You and Yours."
Jul 22, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 55.2: Works in Progress
aE 55.2: Works in Progress

Highlights include an essay on Guillermo Kuitca's human cartographies, a review of the McKnight dance solos, Skando summer cabins, and a new monthly audio sampler by Ampers
Jul 9, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 55.1: Public Engagements
aE 55.1: Public Engagements

Highlights include the case for re-viewing performance, Claire Witt's central MN Blue Sky Project for "public made public art," and a new Rain Taxi/ presents essay, this one on Location Books.
Jun 25, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 54.2: First Fruits
aE 54.2: First Fruits

Highlights include a Q & A with the 2009 McKnight photography fellows, reviews of a new collection by poet Deborah Gordon Cooper and recent performances by Megan Mayer and Penny Freeh, and the final 2009 mnLIT commission - a pair of poems by Greg Watson.
Jun 10, 2010
access+ENGAGE Issue 54.1: Artists in Conversation
aE 54.1: Artists in Conversation

Featuring a number of artist-to-artist conversations, including Ruben Nusz & Ute Bertog, veteran arts journalists Ann Klefstad & Laurie Hertzel, an interview with tuba player Stefan Kac, and the playwrights of the Workhaus Collective


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