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Sep 9, 2008
ESSAY: The Day the Music Died
Essay by Michael Fallon

Art critic and veteran arts administrator Michael Fallon offers an unflinching, candid, and mournful personal essay on the current arts economy in Minnesota and his own checkered history trying to make a difference there.
Aug 4, 2008
ESSAY/FEATURED FORUM: What's With the Kids These Days?
Essay by Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon reflects on "Young Artists and How the World They’re Creating Will Be Completely Fucked Up, and Perhaps That’s As It Should Be." We want to know what you think--read the essay, then weigh in on the forums.
Feb 11, 2008
The (Endlessly Annoying, Horribly Consuming, Creepily Off-Putting) Drive in Artists to Make Art
Essay by Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon ruminates on the origins of the artistic impulse and concludes that it's a mixed bag of wish fulfillment and vanity that, occasionally, includes a fruitful urge actually to make art.
Feb 26, 2007
The Artist Walks Alone
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon tells some tales about the strange turns taken by art and life, and the burden and glory of the compulsion to make artworks.
Feb 19, 2007
Letters from a Writer: In Which I Become an Actress
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek has fun learning someone else's lines.
Jan 17, 2007
Art Shanties and the Long Wait for Winter
Suzanne Szucs

Suzanne Szucs went all the way to Medicine Lake to check out the Art Shanty Projects as it spread out over the new ice. Come visit us there!
Jan 2, 2007
Letters from a Writer: In Which I Become a Jehovah's Witness
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek speaks of the the Other Side of the holidays.
Dec 5, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Anatomy of a Thought Train
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek takes a process to pieces so we can see what it's made of: the increasingly popular Out-of-the-Hat play competition is closer to Warren Pease than "War and Peace," but its invitation to fabulation has liberating possibilities.
Nov 21, 2006
Adjust Your Sails, Minnesota Artists
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon investigates the workings of the nonprofit arts sector, and finds that it's markedly changed in the last few years, and not for the better. Email this piece to your friends and respond in the Forum: these are timely and important issues.
Nov 13, 2006
Letters from a Writer: I Love Wisconsin
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek takes her Minnesota eyes on a trip to our peculiar neighbor: Wisconsin. I wonder what they'd think of us? After all, we have no telephone museums.
Nov 13, 2006
Lots of Feminist Blockbusters: Kiki Smith, Diane Arbus (Especially), Eva Hesse, Kara Walker
Suzanne Szucs

Suzanne Szucs takes note of the great shows by women artists the Walker is doing this year. Kiki Smith and Diane Arbus took their turns earlier; Eva Hesse's drawings are up now and Kara Walker is upcoming. Enjoy the view from the other half of the world!
Oct 26, 2006
The Column: Where Do Artists Come From?
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon writes on how artists are made, or not made: America both loves and distrusts art, it seems. Stay tuned: Michael's next column takes this subject further. And please comment in the Articles Forum about your own art initiation.
Oct 9, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Marry Money vs. The Scenic Route
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek wonders why one would grow up to be a playwright.
Sep 10, 2006
Letters from a Writer: This Just In: Girls Still Live!
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek hopes for political incorrectness from Patrons of the Arts.
Sep 7, 2006
One and One and One Is Three: An Artists’ Come-Together Manifesto
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon brings encouraging news for artists trying to get it together--coming together can help.
Aug 17, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Live Girls
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek has mixed feelings about the beloved NorShor Theater's new incarnation.
Jul 10, 2006
The Column: Don't Blame Yourself
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon writes a column on facing down, facing up, and confessing.
Jun 27, 2006
Body Whirled
Suzanne Szucs

Suzanne Szucs is thinking about science and art. In this post-da Vinci world, what different mysteries do they claim, what technologies differentiate them?
Jun 1, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Out of the Mind
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek, like so many writers, has a certain relationship with pain. Here's her story.
May 20, 2006
The Column: Thaw
Suzanne Szucs

Suz Szucs finds a context to think about time, change, photography, and loss, in the disappearance of winter and in the work of photographers.
May 10, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Creepy/Understandable
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek writes about "slash fiction." (Okay, we didn't know what it was either.) Is it better to want more and thus get more, or to want only the right things?
May 6, 2006
The Column: The Sacrificial Poet
Suzanne Szucs

Suz Szucs writes about how poems and design can get tangled up in the everyday, to everyone's benefit. She describes one night in Duluth this winter.
Apr 15, 2006
The Column: Is Everybody an Outsider?
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon writes on the category "outsider art," wondering if there's any outside to the big living room of art today.
Apr 11, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Poets Who Are Never, Ever Moving to Minneapolis--EVER
Jean Sramek

First, it was immigrants in the streets. Then, denizens of the local, the peculiar, and the isolated insisted on their right to live and make art where they would. Jean Sramek does her best to offend the Twin Cities, but more in sorrow than in anger.
Mar 22, 2006
This Is a Love Song: Singing in the Echoes of Peace Choir
Suzanne Szucs

Suzanne Szucs finds that singing together is an accurate model for politics--cooperation for a greater end, time spent to create good.


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