Mar 7, 2005
Julia Durst: "Impromptu"
Suzanne Szucs

Suz Szucs reviews fellow artist and writer Julia Durst's show at North End Arts Gallery in Superior, Wisconsin. She finds the interplay between language and vision intriguing.
Mar 7, 2005
Good Intentions: Jack El-Hai's "The Lobotomist"
George Slade

George Slade reviews Minnesota writer Jack El-Hai's "The Lobotomist": a level gaze at an almost unthinkably barbarous practice that was once accepted. (Please note the link at the foot of this article to the fascinating related musical performance.)
Mar 2, 2005
Art Shanties: Frozen Pool of Inspiration
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst reviews the Ice Shanties on Medicine Lake--a Soap Factory project that will continue on into the summer at the Factory itself.
Feb 27, 2005
Judaism Does Indeed Sing!: Arrowhead Chorale at Weber Music Hall
Samuel Black

Sam Black writes about a concert of Jewish choral music in Duluth; reprised in the Twin Cities in New Brighton, and St. Louis Park (at Beth El, at 7:30 Sunday evening). A choral tradition is shown off brilliantly in this series of performances.
Feb 24, 2005
"Secret Movie": Ephemeral Critique
Chris Godsey

Chris Godsey reports back from an opening, a performance, a collection of art, a film, all in the same place, fitting into each other like a telescoping drinking glass.
Feb 21, 2005
Strange Art: Best Feet at the Southern
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst went to see Best Feet Forward, Feb 3-20 at the Southern Theater. This collection of over a dozen choreographers showed the range of dance around here.
Feb 19, 2005
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Douglas Padilla at Gallery Co
Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon finally reviews a show by Douglas Padilla, "Puerta de Angeles" (Door of Angels): it's up at Gallery Co on the seventh floor of the Wyman Building (400 First Ave. N.) through March 26.
Feb 17, 2005
Deceiving Appearances: John Starkey at Jitters
Sally McGraw

Sally McGraw caught John Starkey's regular Saturday show at Jitters on Hennepin Avenue. His big soulful voice was a welcome surprise. Check out the recording of "Sugar" accompanying this review--
Feb 11, 2005
The Free Republic of Duluth: At Last, Real Candidates
Jean Sramek

When asked writers to look for artist-led initiatives to make the world a better place, Jean Sramek found one right in her lap--that very week the elections for the Free Republic of Duluth were held. Here's an account.
Feb 8, 2005
Cultural Detritus, Haunted by Connection: "Four Short Stories," "Spotted Series"
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst reviews Georgia A. Stephens Productions’ “Four Short Stories,” at Intermedia Arts, and Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater’s “Spotted Series” at Interact Theater. Both shows--blends of dance and theatre--ran Jan. 28-30.
Feb 7, 2005
All the Colors of "Honour": Theater at the Jungle
Jaime Kleiman

Jaime Kleiman gives us "Honour" at the Jungle Theater--a superb match of text and actors.
Feb 7, 2005
Trialogue: Above Is Below
Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs did the Trialogue--a talk involving the artist, a critic, and the audience--for the MIA Minnesota Artists Exhibition Series show "Above Is Below," by Sarah Chokyi Bauer and David Hamlow. A version of her talk follows.
Feb 4, 2005
Cities, Twigs, and Cells: "Topics for Further Discussion" at Carleton
Glenn Gordon

Glenn Gordon visited this show of the work of David Lefkowitz and Stephen Mohring at Carleton just before it closed, and brings you his experience of it here.
Feb 2, 2005
A Little Mess, The Mystery of Light: "Following Intuition"
Suzanne Szucs

Suzanne Szucs reviews a show of photographs at the Washington Galleries in Duluth (on Lake Avenue and Second Street in Duluth). She finds the innovations in technique intriguing.
Jan 17, 2005
No Reprieve: "Two Rooms"
Jaime Kleiman

Jaime Kleiman reviews Lee Blessing's powerful and newly timely "Two Rooms" at Theater in the Round. You can see it through January 30.
Jan 6, 2005
Humbugs: The Sturdy Ephemeral
Sally McGraw

Sally McGraw follows the Humbugs and sees their trajectory as nothing but up.
Jan 6, 2005
Colored Stories: Lisa Fifield at Ancient Traders
Dean Seal

Dean Seal describes the resonant work of Lisa Fifield, which you can see at Ancient Traders Gallery through January 15. The gallery is at 1113 East Franklin Ave. in Minneapolis. For hours and information, call 612-870-7555.
Dec 31, 2004
An Uneasy Trip: Budoff and Cristancho at the Duluth Art Institute
Suzanne Szucs

Suzanne Szucs reviews the work of Nathan Budoff and Raul Cristancho, "Round Trip - De Ida y Vuelta," at the DAI, 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth. Through Feb. 20.
Dec 14, 2004
Imagination and Memory: Interact Theater Company
Dean J. Seal

The show, running through Dec. 18, is an extraordinary many-hearted creation. Dean Seal describes its unusual setting and contents.
Dec 12, 2004
Ways, Counted: Drawing at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery and Franklin Art Works
Collier White

Collier White pursues the deeper meaning of drawing in the current moment.
Dec 12, 2004
He Qi: Two Levels of Amazement
Dean Seal

Dean Seal attended a show of Chinese religious paintings at the Premier Gallery, 141 South 11th Street, in Minneapolis, and was impressed and touched by the work.
Dec 7, 2004
The St. Martin Tour: Worth the Trip
Samuel Black

Samuel Black describes a Rose Ensemble concert of medieval music.
Dec 4, 2004
A Sweetly Mad Mixture: “Draw” at SOO Vac
Jeffrey Kalstrom

Jeffrey Kalstrom looks at the hundreds of drawings at SOO Vac's "Draw" show and it makes him feel all good inside.
Dec 4, 2004
Nicolas Harper, His Rogue Buddha, and the Eternal Feminine
Valerie Valentine

Valerie Valentine visits the Rogue Buddha Gallery's new location in Northeast Minneapolis, finding the change good.
Nov 24, 2004
A Matter of Taste: Review of the 56th Arrowhead Biennial
Julia Durst

Julia Durst reviews the 56th Arrowhead Biennial at the Duluth Art Institute, up through January 23, 2005.


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