Jun 21, 2012
Documenting the Almost-Real
Camille LeFevre

Camille LeFevre reviews an installation of video, sculpture and performance now at the Walker, "Minouk Lim: Heat of Shadows," saying it calls to mind both the earliest days of video art and a compelling, if dystopian view of what the near future may hold.
Jun 14, 2012
Night Vision - A Northern Spark Diary
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst offers an on-the-ground dispatch from this year's Northern Spark festival -- vying projections, glow-in-the-dark games and synchronized swinging, luminous dance and cadres of night cyclists, alight in the dark.
Jun 7, 2012
How to Choreograph Empathy
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst describes the experience of engaging BodyCartography Project's recent installation/work-in-progress at the Walker - "Super Nature" - which explores the nuance of interpersonal relation, attempting to "choreograph empathy."
Jun 7, 2012
Night Lights in the City
Deborah Carver

Deborah Carver looks into Northern Spark, an all-night arts festival in the tradition of a European "nuit blanche," and situates the successful event in the historical context of other local community-oriented festivals and public art programs like it.
Jun 4, 2012
The Heroic Failure
Jeremy Walker

Our music columnist, composer and pianist Jeremy Walker, on the rewards of boldness in a risk-averse culture and on freedom, individual expression, and the joy of failing well.
May 30, 2012
Filling the Void
Sarah Howard

Writer Sarah Howard reports on how two new Twin Cities initiatives - the Starling Project and Artists in Storefronts - are re-imagining uses for empty commercial spaces.
May 25, 2012
A Double-Dip Into "Black Water" - Lightsey Darst
Lightsey Darst

The second of two critical takes on Skewed Visions' BLACK WATER. Lightsey Darst offers up a more experiential approach to the show, with a poetic, play-by-play dispatch on what it felt like to be in the audience for this unique performance.
May 24, 2012
The Rules of a Dance Exchange
Carl Atiya Swanson

Carl Atiya Swanson parses a recent, unusually participatory evening of dance at the Walker Art Center: David Zambrano and company's performance of the largely improvised series of solos against classic soul tunes, "Soul Project."
May 22, 2012
A Double-Dip into "Black Water" - Camille LeFevre
Camille LeFevre

We're running two essays on Skewed Visions' new site-based performance, BLACK WATER, showing in an empty storefront on University Avenue through June 2. Read on for Camille's take on the work's disquieting insight into place, seeing and being seen.
May 17, 2012
You Are Hear: Who You Calling a Mother? (May 2012)

For this month's episode of's literary podcast, comedienne and writer Colleen Kruse offers a very funny story about cannibal hamsters and the black heart of motherhood.
May 14, 2012
A Twist of Intellect
Jennifer Nevitt

Writer and artist Jennifer Nevitt profiles David Lefkowitz, a prolific, award-winning artist who conjures whole worlds with the simplest materials, behind whose work the driving idea, the novel view is primary.
May 10, 2012
Reads Dylan Hicks
Jay Orff

Writer Jay Orff reviews Dylan Hicks's new novel, "Boarded Windows," an engaging tangle of competing stories and unreliable narrators with its own soundtrack (the accompanying new album "Sings Bolling Greene"), written by musician and writer Dylan Hicks.
May 8, 2012
The Undance
Lightsey Darst

"Dance," says our critic Lightsey Darst, "is not merely specialized movement, but also a way of seeing. Dance is a lens." She takes that dance lens outside the theater to the work-a-day world beyond, offering a guided tour through "the undance."
May 3, 2012
The View from Crystal Bridges
Camille LeFevre

Writer Camille LeFevre offers a dispatch from her recent trip down South to Bentonville, Arkansas, reporting back on the recently opened and oft critically dismissed "Walmart art museum," Crystal Bridges.
Apr 30, 2012
The Eternal Moment
Carl Atiya Swanson

Carl Atiya Swanson digs into the film "Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait" - screening for the MIA's "The Sports Show" through May 13 - and unearths death-defying creativity in the soccer-player's game and in the power of the right shared moment in time.
Apr 27, 2012
'Four Aces' at Franconia in the City
Stephanie Xenos

Stephanie Xenos reviews "Los Cuatro Ases" - an exhibition kicking off Franconia In the City@Casket's second season in its NE Mpls gallery space, featuring work by Douglas Padilla, Peter Martin Morales, Xavier Tavera and Alonso Sierralta.
Apr 27, 2012
What Surplus Should Taste Like
Jay Orff

Writer Jay Orff wanders the aisles of Ax-Man Surplus, musing on aesthetic evolutions, beautiful ugliness, creative ironies and the irresistible invitation to put old things to new use.
Apr 19, 2012
You Are Hear: Fools & Poets (April 2012)

We're celebrating National Poetry Month: featured writers for this episode are poets Todd Boss (PITCH, 2012) and Paula Cisewski (GHOST FARGO, 2010).
Apr 12, 2012
mnLIT Original: "Afterimage"
Hillary Wentworth

A haunting new short story by our most recent flash fiction competition grand prize-winner, Hillary Wentworth. Like all of our mnLIT Original offerings, this story is illustrated by artwork handpicked from our vast database of Minnesota artists.
Apr 12, 2012
The Just-Right Work Space
Alison Morse

Alison Morse checks out a variety of coworking spaces in operation throughout the Twin Cities metro and beyond, reporting back with info on who's chosen these spaces and why, and she weighs which offers the most to people working in the arts.
Apr 5, 2012
Inverting the Male Gaze
Sheila Regan

Sheila Regan assesses the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' multimedia exhibition, "The Sports Show," calling sports a surprisingly valuable lens through which to see the larger culture's changing norms and mores, particularly about race and gender.
Mar 29, 2012
The Irresistible Laurie Van Wieren
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst profiles Laurie Van Wieren, a busy independent choreographer who's worn any number of hats in the local dance scene, known as much for her unflagging support of new talent as she is for her own critically acclaimed work.
Mar 26, 2012
Alison McGhee

Pulitzer-nominated, best-selling novelist Alison McGhee (SHADOW BABY, SOMEDAY) offers a personal essay about pursuing your art without a safety net, working in a world with no Plan B.
Mar 22, 2012
Hello Again
Jeremy Walker

Our jazz columnist, Jeremy Walker, just moved back to Minneapolis from New York City. He tips his hat to a few of the fine musicians he played with there and thinks on what it's like to come home again, when it's not quite the home he'd choose.
Mar 21, 2012
Roots of Change
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst on "red, black, and GREEN: a blues" by Marc Bamuthi Joseph/The Living Word Project - the show is so far-reaching, it should sink under the weight of its ambitious message - and yet it doesn't. Why? "It's hard to beat engaged honesty."


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