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Jul 20, 2009
Telling Stories from the Inside Out
Andy Sturdevant

Andy Sturdevant seeks out Gudrun Lock, an under-the-radar video artist whose work offers a fresh vision on the ties that connect people, places, and stories together.
Jul 2, 2009
Tony Nelson Captures the Mad Ripple's Milieu
Maggie Sandford

Maggie Sandford offers an engaging look into photographer Tony Nelson's new exhibition of work documenting the local artist community behind Jim Walsh's (aka The Mad Ripple) weekly Hootenanny nights.
Jun 25, 2009
Tilting at Windmills in St. Cloud
Jennifer Kohnhorst

Writer Jennifer Kohnhorst profiles an intriguing, talented musician in St. Cloud--a one-man creative dynamo whose audience size has yet to catch up to his talent. Read on for Ganderson's story and to lend your ears to his appealingly quirky take on pop.
May 18, 2009
MN Filmmakers Invade Cannes Today--Tomorrow, the World
Maggie Sandford

Writer Maggie Sandford speaks with the motley crew behind the 48-Hour Film Project success story, "Birthmarked for Death," about their many film projects and the team's new endeavor, "Nation Undead."
May 15, 2009
VIDEO: "Butter City" interview with Eric D. Howell by Joanna Kohler
Joanna Kohler

Filmmaker Joanna Kohler interviews award-winning writer/director Eric D. Howell ("Ana's Playground") for the local public television show BUTTER CITY.
Apr 28, 2009
A Fan's Notes -- MSPIFF 2009: Documentary and Narrative Shorts Programs
Max Sparber

Max Sparber is filing a series of dispatches from this year's film festival--on the movies, the filmgoers, and the general vibe of the scene. For this installment, he weighs in on some of this year's entries in Narrative and Documentary Shorts programs.
Apr 21, 2009
A Fan's Notes -- MSPIFF 2009: Opening Weekend
Max Sparber

The latest in a series of dispatches by Max Sparber from this years Mpls/St. Paul International Film Festival (April 16-30). Read on for his take on a couple of love stories he saw opening weekend: "500 Days of Summer" and "Just Another Love Story."
Apr 15, 2009
4 Track Films: Movie Production, MN-style
Ann Klefstad

Ann Klefstad's engaging profile of the filmmakers behind Duluth's 4 Track Films, whose fearlessness and comedic chops are getting real critical notice. Their new film, "White Man's World," will screen at this year's MSPIFF April 24.
Apr 13, 2009
A Fan's Notes - MSPIFF 2009: Minnesota Made
Max Sparber

Over the next few weeks, Max Sparber will file a series of on-the-ground dispatches giving his impressions of the films, the conversations, and the vibe among filmgoers at this year's Mpls/St Paul Int'l Film Fest (April 16-30).
Feb 16, 2009
A Fresh Eye on Minnesota Hip-Hop
Jay Gabler

Daily Planet Arts Editor Jay Gabler profiles B Fresh (aka Rebecca McDonald), a young woman who's quickly becoming the photographer of record for our region's exploding hip-hop scene.
Jan 22, 2009
2008 YEAR IN REVIEW: Theater, Music and Dance
Compiled by Susannah Schouweiler

Minnesota actors, dancers, choreographers, and theater-goers respond to the year that was, taking stock of the moments, both personal and public, from the last year in performance that are lingering with them into 2009.
Jan 22, 2009
2008 YEAR IN REVIEW: Literature and Film
Compiled by Susannah Schouweiler

Local authors, readers, and filmmakers weigh in on the high points of 2008 in Minnesota literature and film.
Jan 8, 2009
2008 YEAR IN REVIEW: The Lists
Compiled by Susannah Schouweiler

Local art luminaries Frank Gaard, Emma Berg, and Ruben Nusz offer a grab-bag of their picks for the high (and low) points and the love-'em/hate-'em memorable moments from the year just passed
Dec 29, 2008
ABCs for You and Me (The letters and labors of Chank Diesel)
Jake Nassif

Writer and design maven Jake Nassif profiles Minnesota-based font guru Chank Diesel with an engaging look into the strange (and strangely compelling) world of modern typography.
Dec 17, 2008
FILM: Local Film Seen from the Best Seat in the House
Article by Britt Aamodt

Britt Aamodt gives you the lowdown on this year's MNTV line-up, an annual showcase of the best new short films made by local talent, presented by IFP, the Walker, Intermedia Arts and TPT, all broadcast through this month on public television.
Oct 20, 2008
FILM: Something to Say
Article by Britt Aamodt

Writer-about-town Britt Aamodt offers up the skinny on the TCYMN All-City Youth Film Showcase, coming on October 25 to the Walker, with a line-up of screenings of films submitted and curated by young local artists.
Oct 13, 2008
MUSIC: Too Much Information? Music Criticism in the Digital Age
Article by Megan Wiley

Veteran music writer Megan Wiley asks: With the migration of their writing from print to web, are critics altering how they cover music? More important, is the trend toward digital content working in in favor of the craft of smart music criticism or not?
Sep 29, 2008
MUSIC: How Do You Suppose She Got to That Moment?
Profile by Alison Morse

Alison Morse offers a lyrical profile of internationally acclaimed composer Mary Ellen Childs, whose movement-rich compositions weave between dance, visual art, music, and poetry.
Sep 3, 2008
FESTIVALS: The Convention, The UnConvention, and the UnUnConvention
Article by Mason Riddle

Mason Riddle gives a run-down of arts events running in tandem with the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, from the festival offerings of UnConvention to independent, renegade affairs that constitute a sort of UnUnConvention.
Aug 28, 2008
FILM: Independent Animation, a Form In-Between
Essay and collection by Alison Morse

A collection and short essay exploring independent, MN-made animation by writer and twenty-year veteran of the craft, Alison Morse.
Aug 6, 2008
Chick Flicks
Britt Aamodt

These days, accomplished film pros—many of them women—see no need to head for LA to make their way in the industry. Britt Aamodt talks to a slew of MN women working in the business about the innovations revolutionizing how we make (and see) movies.
Jun 30, 2008
FILM: A Filmmaker's Guide to Getting Your Movie On (the Right) Screen
Article by Ali Selim

Acclaimed filmmaker Ali Selim (Sweet Land) offers hard-won advice for emerging filmmakers, including tips on pursuing the right festival for your particular film and the wisdom of looking beyond Cannes and Sundance to find screens for your work.
Jun 23, 2008
COMMENTARY: What is the State of the Arts in Minneapolis?
Commentary by Michael Fallon

Or, "The Future’s So Bright, You Gotta Wear Blinders:" arts administrator and critic Michael Fallon comments on the recent panel discussion about the state of arts in Mpls and makes a case for candor in our civic conversation on the subject
Jun 11, 2008
From Sandman to Star Trek to Sammy the Mouse
Britt Aamodt

Writer Britt Aamodt takes stock of Minnesota's unsung wealth of notable cartoonists and comics artists working in every aspect of the industry, from the superhero staples of the genre to groundbreaking underground publications and web strips.
Jun 9, 2008
FILM: Making Movies That Matter
Profile by Myron Berdahl

"Butter City" producer Myron Berdahl chats with MN documentary filmmaker Emily Goldberg about her newest production, "TCGMC: Reflections on Meth Addiction," which will have its broadcast premiere on TPT June 21 at 8 pm.


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