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Jun 23, 2008
THEATER: The Patriot: Inside "Jasper Johns"
Review by Lightsey Darst

Skewed Visions' latest show, "Jasper Johns," aims to unpack, via a variety of theatrical forms, the eponymous artist's insights into national identity. Lightsey Darst saw the show this weekend, and she offers up her take on their efforts here.
Jun 23, 2008
COMMENTARY: What is the State of the Arts in Minneapolis?
Commentary by Michael Fallon

Or, "The Future’s So Bright, You Gotta Wear Blinders:" arts administrator and critic Michael Fallon comments on the recent panel discussion about the state of arts in Mpls and makes a case for candor in our civic conversation on the subject
Jun 23, 2008
THEATER: Shakespeare in the Parking Lot
Review by Christy DeSmith

Christy DeSmith attended the new all-female, circus-themed rendition of the bard's bloodthirstiest tale, "Titus Andronicus," which is being staged in a charter school parking lot. Read on for the pleasures and disappointments she found in the show.
Jun 9, 2008
THEATER: This is the Way the World Ends
Review by Lightsey Darst

Performance critic Lightsey Darst reflects on a new show, "Socktesting," which explores the uneasy terrain between day-to-day reality and the ever-present specter of death.
Jun 9, 2008
FILM: Making Movies That Matter
Profile by Myron Berdahl

"Butter City" producer Myron Berdahl chats with MN documentary filmmaker Emily Goldberg about her newest production, "TCGMC: Reflections on Meth Addiction," which will have its broadcast premiere on TPT June 21 at 8 pm.
Jun 2, 2008
mnSpin: This Week's Playlist: Quarter Acre Lifestyle, Michelle Lynn, and Josiah Wordsworth

mnSpin, a quarterly music contest for Minnesota musicians. This week listen to a playlist of the three winning tracks by Quarter Acre Lifestyle, Michelle Lynn, and Josiah Wordsworth.
May 28, 2008
DANCE: Put On Your Dancing Shoes
Article by Lightsey Darst

Critic Lightsey Darst offers an entertaining and helpful primer on adult dance classes, from ballet to bellydancing: what to look for, where to find a class, and the best kind of dance form for your body type, fitness level, and experience.
May 20, 2008
Not Quite Divine: Jaime Carrera's "Godless"
Review by Lightsey Darst

Performance critic Lightsey Darst took in Jaime Carrera's much buzzed-about new show "Godless," but she found the production couldn't quite bear up under the weight of its lofty ambitions.
Dec 31, 2007
Coming to a Radio Near You: Electric Arc Radio and the Lit 6 Project
Susannah Schouweiler

a+E chats with the writers, actors, and musicians behind Electric Arc Radio about the persuasive powers of malt liquor and their bold reinvention of the traditional author readings. Tune in: It'll be broadcast on MPR's The Current throughout January 2008.
Jan 20, 2007
Parallel Play at Off Leash Area: Maggie’s Brain
Ann Klefstad

Any production by Off Leash Area is an event: this group consistently pulls together extraordinary talents from all over town to produce performance that is dance, installation, theater, and concert in one. “Maggie’s Brain” is no exception.
Jan 19, 2007
Wit and Farce: Boston Marriage
Ellen Sandbeck

Ellen Sandbeck took in "Boston Marriage" in Duluth and recommends the experience highly.
Nov 25, 2006
Wynn Fricke: Fierce and Honest Devotion
Lightsey Darst

The choreographer and dancer Wynn Fricke has worked with both the Minnesota Dance Theater and Zenon Dance Company this fall. Lightsey Darst looks at these perfornances in tthe context of Frick's past work.
Oct 22, 2006
Coming-Out Party: Arena Dances at Ten
Lightsey Darst

Lightsey Darst saw "Ten," the tenth-anniversary performance of Arena Dances, choreographed by Mathew Janczewski at the Southern Theater. It runs through October 22. She posits that this choreographer needs the "freakishly gifted" to do his best work.
Oct 13, 2006
"Gypsy" Almost There
Jaime Kleiman

Jaime Kleiman finds "Gypsy" by Theater Latte Da to be a hell of a show with a major hole through it. Wonderful? Yes-- Awful? That too. The show runs through November 4 at the Loring Playhouse.
Sep 23, 2006
Rites of Fall: James Sewell Ballet with the Minnesota Orchestra
Camille LeFevre

Camille LeFevre attended the premier of "Turf" by the James Sewell Ballet, in concert with the Minnesota Orchestra, at Orchestra Hall, on Sept. 20. It's a courageous and harrowing performance.
Sep 17, 2006
Ananya's Army on the Move: Duurbaar
Camille LeFevre

Camille LeFevre saw this weekend's performances of "Duurbaar: Journeys Into Horizon," and marveled at the troupe's athleticism, strength, and singularity. The show runs through Sept. 17 at the Southern Theater.
Sep 10, 2006
Letters from a Writer: This Just In: Girls Still Live!
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek hopes for political incorrectness from Patrons of the Arts.
Sep 7, 2006
Watching Hijack (Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder)
Lightsey Darst

In a preview of Hijack's upcoming performance, Lightsey Darst explores why this duo's recent dance is so fascinating. See them at the Southern Theater this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 8, 9, and 10.
Aug 17, 2006
Letters from a Writer: Live Girls
Jean Sramek

Jean Sramek has mixed feelings about the beloved NorShor Theater's new incarnation.
Aug 12, 2006
Choreographic: World Class, Lots of Fun
Jeffrey Kalstrom

Jeffrey Kalstrom saw the dance as well as the dance photos at the Minnesota Center for Photography recently. The combination of dance imagery and dance performance was dazzling; he recommends you look for performances by any of these artists.
Aug 6, 2006
Fringe Shorts: Sock Puppet Serenade
Kim Surkan

Kim Surkan was thoroughly entranced by "Sock Puppet Serenade" from Kurt Hunter Marionettes, at the Theater Garage at 711 Franklin Avenue. You can catch it Sunday, Aug. 6 at 4 PM, Monday 8/7 at 7 PM, or Sunday, 8/13 at 4PM.
Aug 6, 2006
Fringe Shorts: How to Cheat
Jaime Kleiman

"How to Cheat" is a great show, says Jaime Kleiman. It's showing at the U of M Rarig Center Arena on Sunday, 8/6 at 10:00 PM, Thursday 8/10 at 5:30 PM, and Saturday 8/12 at 7:00 PM; the New Theater Group does it.
Aug 6, 2006
Fringe Shorts: The Unbearable Lightness of Being American
Kim Surkan

Kim Surkan appreciates the incisive wit of the Ministry of Cultural Warfare. It's at Intermedia Arts at 2822 Lyndale Ave, Sunday, 8/6, at 1 PM, Tuesday, 8/8, 8:30 PM, Thursday, 8/10, 7 PM, and Saturday, 8/12, 8:30 pm.
Aug 4, 2006
Fringe Shorts: Monsters in America
Jaime Kleiman

Jaime Kleiman, theater critic (as well as dramaturg! See article elsewhere on this site), posts the first of our Fringe reviews; watch the site for more as they come out.
Aug 4, 2006
Vol 1, No 1: A Different Take on the Fringe
Jaime Kleiman

Jaime Kleiman writes on her bout of dramaturgy (and what's that anyway?) for the Fringe show “Flee This Place," which opened August 3 at the U of M Rarig Thrust. It starts at 8:30 p.m.


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