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SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED highlighted episodes for September
The past five episodes of Some Assembly Required include everything from our 2002 phone interview with London's Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), to our 2009 update on the band Negativland (featuring Don Joyce in one of our more experimental stabs at an interview), along with over sixty stunning examples of sound collage at its best, by artists such as Jeffrey Sconce, Negativland and the Twin Cities' own Beatrix*JAR, to name just a very few.
Our phone interview with Vicki Bennett (Episode 43) was actually recorded to air on the occasion of her visit to the Twin Cities, in the Autumn of 2002. Some Assembly Required and Sound Unseen invited her here to perform some of her sound and video collage, at the Walker Art Center, and I was very pleased to be able to also present a feature on People Like Us that week on the show as well. We're extremely close to having every single one of our old interview episodes uploaded now at the website, by the way. Check out our Interviews Page for a very full list of available artist interviews, HERE.
Don Joyce is one of the artists we talked about, in my interview with People Like Us, as we both acknowledged our admiration for the artist and his work. He was the first person I ever interviewed for Some Assembly Required, back in 2001 (check out Episode 08 HERE), so when I finally got him to agree to do the SAR Q&A this past month, I was more than happy to take his suggestion and turn the majority of his answers to that online feature into a radio update on his work with the band Negativland (Episode 238). In addition to catching up with Don Joyce, we played several tracks from his recent live Negativland release (2006's "It's All In Your Head FM", with Mark Hosler and Peter Conheim), and some unbelievable covers of several key Negativland compositions, by the doo wop group, The 180-Gs, right alongside the sound collages which inspired them. It all added up to a pretty good episode, actually... Check it out HERE.
In addition to these interviews, I'd point you to Mashups by Aggro1 and DJ Earworm, along with a couple of tracks by the always thought provoking Jeffrey Sconce, in Episode 150 and Episode 239. There's lots more to recommend, of course, but I've got to stop somewhere short of just telling you to listen to all five episodes, from beginning to end...
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for Q&A's with turntablists Sparo and Eddie Def, not to mention an early Illegal Art recording artist, Spacklequeen, and Bastard Pop artist ATOM, all at the SAR Blog. Check out our latest Q&A's with artists such as David Morneau, Voicedude, Don Joyce and People Like Us, in the meantime. You can read them all at the SAR Blog HERE.
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Jon Nelson

About the show: hosted by Minnesota artist Jon Nelson, Some Assembly Required
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Since its inception in 1999,
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