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SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED highlighted episodes for October
Recent episodes of Some Assembly Required include a food-themed program and an informal look at the history of litigation in the world of sound collage, not to mention some more brazen examples of appropriation-based collage music, as practiced by pop artists. It was an as always odd assortment of styles and genres this past month on Some Assembly Required. Take a listen.

Episode 241 managed to feature a couple of tracks by groups all too familiar with the legal issues surrounding copyright and collage. Buchanan and Goodman may very well have been the first sound collage artists to be taken to court for their creative repurposing of recycled work, but they were certainly not the last. Their 2nd single was released the same year a judge was asked to determine the legality of their previous record. When he declared it to be an original creation, an independent work of art, the duo were inspired to produce "Buchanan and Goodman On Trial" (1956), documenting their legal experiences, as only they could. Episode 241 also features a track off of the album, "Fair Use" (1995), by Negativland, who like Buchanan and Goodman before them, were attempting to creatively document some of their own experiences with a previous record's legal problems, again due to copyright issues. While it wasn't really a conscious decision to pair these two up, it was an interesting look at how little things had changed over the course of nearly four decades...

The food theme took place in Episode 37, and features artists such as The Evolution Control Committee, The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Negativland, People Like Us, The Tape-beatles and Peanut Butter Wolf, each approaching the theme in ways as diverse as their individual approaches to sampling. My favorite examples come somewhere toward the middle of the program, and have everything to do with cheese...

Finally, in Episode 240, in addition to artists such as The Bran Flakes, DJ EZG and Oval, an effort was made to play some sound collages by artists more firmly identified within the world of pop music. Keep your ears open for tracks by Fatboy Slim and Moby, right alongside the mashups, cut ups and turntablist
tracks which have defined Some Assembly Required for over a decade...

Our Q&A's this past month were with Atom, Sparo and Spacklequeen. Check out the SAR Blog for a listing of all of the online features we've done with sound collage artists over the years, and be sure to stay tuned in the coming quarter as we have some exciting new phone interviews in progress... More to come!
Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson
About the show: Hosted by Minnesota artist Jon Nelson, Some Assembly Required features sample-based music and audio art by a variety of artists andgroups working with bits and pieces of their media environments, giving
something back to the cultural landscape from which they so enthusiastically appropriate. Since its inception in 1999, Nelson has produced over 100 artist features, and interviewed everyone from John Oswald, Steinski and The Evolution Control Committee, to Christian Marclay, Negativland and DJ Spooky, providing a variety of unique perspectives on the nature of this daring and creative style of expression. Visit Some Assembly Required online for more information, including a complete list of interviews, artist features and the weekly podcast. You can also listen to an extensive archive of back episodes here, on


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