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The second installment in a new essay series, jointly published by and Rain Taxi, profiling Minnesota artists and the nationally-distributed literary magazine Rain Taxi have partnered to publish a new series of essays profiling Minnesota artists, " presents," which will appear in each issue of the quarterly print magazine.

For this installment, editor Susannah Schouweiler profiles a new, experimental publishing venture, Location Books, by artists Ruben Nusz and Scott Nedrelow, which aims to exploit the affordability, immediacy, and accessibility of books for the sake of showcasing work by emerging visual artists.

Location's debut edition features work by Minneapolis-based artist Isa Newby Gagarin -- collages made with appropriated ad copy, vintage photographs, lunar studies, family snapshots, and abstract "moonprints" the artist has made by exposing photo-sensitive paper to moonlight.

You can pick up the print Summer 2010 issue of Rain Taxi in bookstores and select newsstands around the Twin Cities metro area.


READ Susannah Schouweiler's essay on Location Books on the Rain Taxi website >>

Click "START TOUR" above to browse through a slideshow of Gagarin's work, some of which is featured in the debut issue of Location Books, accompanied by a few brief excerpts from Susannah's essay for Rain Taxi >>


About the Artist: Un-schooled as a child, Isa Newby Gagarin grew up in Florida, Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii. Gagarin’s invented, subversive, and playful means of research points to her Altermodern perspective of a world which is equal parts Italo Calvino, selenology, and cultural anthropology.

For the series of collages featured in the first installment of Location Books, she explores the moon as a metaphor for photographic processes. Gagarin collages appropriated images from vintage magazines with “moonprints,” photographs she produces by exposing photo-sensitive paper to moonlight. To Gagarin, these images echo the moon itself, an object (when viewed as a flat disk) that she sees as a surrogate for a photograph that is developed by the light of the sun. Gagarin’s previous exhibition history includes installations at Midway Contemporary Art, Art of This Gallery, Rochester Art Center, The Soap Factory, and Synchronicity Gallery in Los Angeles. She was recently appointed to the board of Midway Contemporary Art.

About Location Books: Location is a quarterly publication of limited edition artists’ books featuring idea-based work in an array of two-dimensional media. Essentially a gallery between two hard covers, Location focuses on book-form installations and group exhibitions in print. The publishers' mission is to collaborate with visual artists to produce new work specifically suited to a page-based format. Location promotes artists to a broader audience through a portable medium while providing a book-based experience of contemporary art. An experiment in publishing, Location combines a gallery exhibition paradigm with an unmediated, compact experience of artists' projects free from editorialization. By showcasing the work unaccompanied by didactics and commercial content, Location emphasizes a direct line of conversation between the visual artist and the viewer. Location does not present documentation of artwork: artists create work specifically for each Location volume. Each volume of Location includes an editioned print with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

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