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SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED highlighted episodes for July

Some Assembly Required has spent the bulk of the summer replaying some of its better interview episodes, including conversations with artists such as John Oswald, The Tape-beatles and The Evolution Control Committee. Most recently we've featured our 2007 and 2002 interviews with RX Music and Wobbly. We'll continue with this series on a more limited basis over the next few months, as we start to make room for some brand new episodes - starting next week, with Episode 255!

Our conversation with RX Music was really something to celebrate, at the time. The artist was hard to track down and even more difficult to convince to be interviewed. In fact, he refused to give his real name, when we finally did speak to each other in 2007. His work as a sound collage artist is noteworthy, at the very least for the fact that while the art of rearranging political speech is at this point practically a college radio tradition, RX managed to push the boundaries quite a bit further than many of his predecessors. His work featuring our 43rd US president should stand the test of time, even as the memory of GW Bush continues to fade further and further into history. Check out Episode 189 HERE, for several good examples, and our interview with RX Music.

Wobbly's Jon Leidecker has been making a name for himself, recently, as the host and producer of an excellent web series on the art of sampling (for Rádio Web MACBA - the website of The Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona). He's been producing sample based, and experimental electronic music since 1987, and has collaborated with numerous artists around the world. Our interview with him ran shortly after his performance at the 2001 Sound Unseen Underground Film and Music Festival, here in Minneapolis, where he shared a bill with legendary sound collage artist, John Oswald. His new album, with frequent collaborator People Like Us, is out on Illegal Art, and the fifth installment of Variations was actually just uploaded a few days ago (check it out HERE.) Our 2002 interview with Jon Leidecker, in Episode 39, is available HERE.

Be sure to check out the SAR Blog, at its new location: You'll find Q&A's with over 150 of the artists we play weekly on Some Assembly Required, along with hundreds of archived episodes of the show. You'll find this month's featured episodes there as well. And don't forget to tune in next week for a brand new episode! Summer vacation is over...

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Jon Nelson

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About the show: hosted by Minnesota artist Jon Nelson, Some Assembly Required features sample-based music and audio art by a variety of artists and groups working with bits and pieces of their media environments, giving something back to the cultural landscape from which they so enthusiastically appropriate.

Since its inception in 1999, Nelson has produced over 150 artist features, and interviewed everyone from John Oswald, Steinski and The Evolution Control Committee, to Christian Marclay, Negativland and DJ Spooky, providing a variety of unique perspectives on the nature of this daring and creative style of expression. Visit Some Assembly Required online for more information, including a complete list of downloadable interviews, artist features and the weekly podcast. You can also listen to an extensive archive of back episodes here, on


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