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Each year, three McKnight Artist Fellowships are awarded to dancers living and working in Minnesota. As part of their awarded fellowship, the Southern Theater’s McKnight Program provides each dancer with the means and the opportunity to commission a new work from a choreographer or choreographic team of his or her choosing. The result is SOLO, a fascinating evening of world premieres produced and presented at the Southern.

“The McKnight Artist Fellowship is one of the only dance awards given nationwide,” explains Mary Ellen Childs, the McKnight Fellowship Program Director at the Southern Theater. “Dancers are awarded based on their body of work and their excellence over many years.”

To create SOLO, “each dancer selects a choreographer to work and collaborate with in the creation of a dance. The end product is an art piece expressly tailored to their particular body and style of dancing,” says Jeff Bartlett, Artistic Director of the Southern Theater.

Dancer Fellow Commissioned and Choreographer
Stephanie Fellner Susana di Palma (Mpls) and Myron Johnson (Mpls)
Megan Flood Dylan Skybrook (Mpls)
Mariusz Olszewski Tomas Howlin (Montreal), Jean-Marc Genereux (Montreal)
Toni Pierce-Sands Ron Brown (New York)
Peggy Seipp-Roy Stephane André (Montreal), Wynn Fricke (Mpls), Uri Sands (St. Paul)
Julia Tehven John Kelly (New York)

This collection features the McKnight Artists and information on the Mpls choreographers.

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For more information on SOLO A Southern Theater Commission Performances by recipients of the 2004 and 2005 McKnight Artist Fellowship in dance May 5-7 Fri & Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 2 pm


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