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In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, has put together a sports inspired collection. Then we gave
Mark Rosen, WCCO-TV's sports director, anchor and reporter a call to get his opinion on football, art, and making a friendly wager.
Mark, you obviously have a passion for sports that is probably much like the passion artists have for creating art. When you're looking at the work in this collection does it inspire you to find connections with different types of art? I'm curious if sports fans and art fans are really so different?

Mark Rosen
I think sophisticated sports fans who understand the movement and poetry of sports can appreciate all sorts of art..The colors, shapes and images are consistent

with all great artists. I can look at some of the watercolor works and think of a Monetóthat may be a stretch, but sports provides artists with some of the best opportunities to create lasting works that people will never forget.

On your WCCO web site you say that your dream job is to be a jazz singer. Can you sing? Do you make any other type of art?

No I canít sing worth a lick, but I can fantasize about being Harry Connickóthan again so does my wife. No, Iím not artistically inclined, but I do have a great appreciation for anyone who does.

Where will you be watching the super bowl this Sunday and did you make any bets on the outcome?

Iíll be watching the Super Bowl at work on Sunday, since I
have a show to do that night. And Yes, I made a few bets with friends on the game, taking Indianapolis to win by more than seven points over Chicago. I think this is the Colts time with Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy.

Mark Rosen also hosts his own weekly sports magazine show, "Rosen's Sports Sunday." He has been featured in Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine, the Twin Cities Reader and City Pages as the No. 1 sportscaster in Minnesota.

Mark frequently speaks to community organizations about the importance of being a good sport and how athletics can positively influence youth.

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