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SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED highlighted episodes for April

This months standouts include some fantastic audio miniatures, as well as a look back at a classic, and novel approach to sound collage... Episode 254 features a sneak "peek" at our upcoming 50/50 collection. Very nearly half of the 50 fifty-second sound collages on the limited edition CD are presented for your enjoyment, with special thanks to! Also this month, a look into the world of "Break-In" records, as defined by producers Buchanan & Goodman, over fifty years ago (Episode 253).

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, in 2009, joined us to invite artists from around the world to submit very short, very recycled sound collages, to be composed (at least 50%) of sounds found in their media environments. The results are all fifty-seconds long, and most are actually even closer to 100% recycled. There are fifty excellent examples to be featured on an upcoming collection, titled "50/50". Tune in to Episode 254 to hear a very generous preview of what's in store! You won't be disappointed.

Episode 253 is the result of an offer from artist Wayne Butane, to share with us the bulk of his very comprehensive collection of records by artists following in the footsteps of the great Buchanan and Goodman. Their "Break-In" records were defined by the re-introduction of just very short snippets of pop songs (whatever was very well recognized at the time), presented in response to questions being put forth by an announcer or interviewer character. The effect is usually humorous, and often inspired. Their records were often nearly as popular as the ones they were sampling, being played on radio stations around the country, and influenced dozens of "copy cat" recording artists. Check out Episode 253 for a couple by Dickie Goodman, and seven by the artists inspired by both he and his partner, Bill Buchanan. Check it out HERE.

The other big news this month is that we recently found it necessary to move our blog. If you'd like to stay up to date, you'll need to change your bookmarks and feed subscriptions... The SAR Blog is now located at:, and feed subscribers will need to update their feed subscriptions to: Fortunately, this hasn't affected the podcast, which should continue without any changes. Stay tuned in the coming months as we revisit some of our favorite Interviews with sound collage artists from around the world. You can also visit older posts, at the same new address, for a variety of features, including over 150 Q&A's with the sound collage artists we play each and every week on the program. Check it out HERE.

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Jon Nelson

About the show: hosted by Minnesota artist Jon Nelson, Some Assembly Required features sample-based music and audio art by a variety of artists and groups working with bits and pieces of their media environments, giving something back to the cultural landscape from which they so enthusiastically appropriate.

Since its inception in 1999, Nelson has produced over 150 artist features, and interviewed everyone from John Oswald, Steinski and The Evolution Control Committee, to Christian Marclay, Negativland and DJ Spooky, providing a variety of unique perspectives on the nature of this daring and creative style of expression. Visit Some Assembly Required online for more information, including a complete list of downloadable interviews, artist features and the weekly podcast. You can also listen to an extensive archive of back episodes here, on


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