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2004 Holiday Collection
curator: - Special Projects
# of items: 25
date created: Nov 23, 2004

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Curator's Statement

"The Holidays": This season includes the solstice, celebrating the miracle of human survival as part of the vast turnings of the universe, and the miracle of the sun’s return. And it includes Christmas, the celebration of the entry of the divine into the human state, in order to reconnect humanness to its divine origin. It also includes Hannukkah, a celebration of the unlikely kindness of the divine, providing an everyday sort of miracle to honor and sustain a superhuman effort of human beings on behalf of their contract with the divine. There are many reasons, both secular and sacred, to celebrate at the end of the solar year. Of course for some of us, just the fact that the thing is over is reason enough.

In any case, in America, the most religious of all modern industrial nations, these celebrations are fervently pursued. But also, in America, we have made a kind of parallel religion of commerce. Some would say this is a most excellent thing, producing greater wealth for everyone; others would take a more jaundiced view, saying it uses resources and time to produce waste, excess, and rivers of dreck. But The Holidays, this festival, is also an intense festival in the Church of Commerce.

Artists, as both representatives of the divine spark of creation and producers of things to buy, have an interest in this odd marriage of fervent spirituality and raw buying and selling. We at have thought long and hard about how to enter this nexus with care and effectiveness. We’ve decided to invite the participation by noted selectors of things to buy, things that are redeemd from mere objects by the light of human creativity that illumines them. has invited local celebrities to help us curate a collection of gifts from the work on Participants include: Minneapolis Mayor, R.T. Rybak; Star Tribune columnist, C.J.; WCCO newscaster, Mark Rosen; Rake columnist and performer, Colleen Kruse; Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine collumnist and chef about town, Andrew Zimmern; Soo VAC founder and curator, Suzy Greenberg; Walker Art Center Performing Arts Guru and local taste maven, Diana Kim; and Owner/creator of Smart Women products, Julie Hellwich.
R.T. Rybak: Amy Rice's "Mural on 11th and Franklin"; Corey Tate's "The Bloodshot Live in Minneapolis"; and Michael Sommers.
Mark Rosen: The Blenders' "When It Snows"; Jeffrey Gambino; Laurie Lausen; Kevin Cannon.
C.J.: Timothy Gorman; Glenn Gordon's furniture; Marcia Engeltjes; Jody LaCanne.
Colleen Kruse: Kevin Vieths' "Orbit" lamp; Haim Becker's "Handmade Eyewear"; Kevin Vieths' "Segmented" rocking chair.
Andrew Zimmern: Tom Jessen's musical instruments; ShannLee Horvik's "Stone Chip Bracelet"; Carol Downing's lamp shades; Andrey Feldsteyn's "The Last Glass".
Suzy Greenberg: Sean Connaughty's "Birds of Appetite"; Kirk McCall's "without title(bluprint)";John Diebel's "Thirst."
Diana Kim: Jennifer Hatfield's "zebra people playing chess"; Adam Miller's "Sound Box #1"; Patrick A. Tupa's "Liz" and "Michael Landon"; Tom Jessen's Octave Mandolin."
Julie Hellwich: Jonathan Keller's "Where It Went From"; Ryan Sweere's "Bottlecap Jesus"; Faye Passow's "the old Future Meets the New Future."

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