mnartists.marketplace: Fall 2011

Christy Johnson

contact name: Christy Johnson

location address:
Minneapolis MN 55418

open to public: no

Curator's Statement

Christy Johnson’s work is a representation of her life experiences, as well as the emotions and senses she’s tuned into at the time of each piece’s creation. She designs with her computer and with her hands, creating illustrations, greeting cards, mixed-media shadowboxes, digital collages, and pastel and colored-pencil drawings. Her background in graphic design, illustration, photography, and writing helps keep her creations varied. Christy finds inspiration in type, color combinations, patterns, travel, and music.


Collection Classification

access + ENGAGE, Architectural, Book Arts, Digital Art, Fine Craft , Folk Art, Mixed Media, Photography, Regional, Sculpture, Unclassified, Wearable

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