Mixed media textile and paper
Shown January 12-February 25, 2017 at the Textile Center of MN
Mixed media text on quilt backing
Mixed media textile


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  • This artwork uses a common, harmless-looking image as the counterpoint to words describing a horrible but equally common story—that of a woman being battered by a man in her life. I find it deeply disturbing that not a day goes by without a headline about a woman being hurt, killed, or raped by a man, yet almost nothing is done to prevent these terrible abuses. Hopefully, people who see this artwork will be jarred into thinking about a topic that society as a whole refuses to openly ackn…
  • This artwork was my entry in the 2016 "A Common Thread" show. 
  • Every year, the Textile Center of MN holds a member's exhibition called "A Common Thread," showcasing works selected by members themselves. I greatly appreciate the inclusion of my outspokenly feminist work amongst finely crafted traditional works and uniquely individual creations that are shared with the public in this show.