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  • Curt Lund updated the Artwork Found (2002-06)
    Selected works from "Found," a series of found image and found text collages on paper, created in 2002-06. Works from this ongoing series were exhibited in juried exhibitions including "55408" (Intermedia Arts),"The Art of Sin" (Altered Esthetics) and "per-ver-sion two" (Artrujillo Gallery).
  • "Seven Deadly Sins" (details) Seven photo- and found-object-based works of art and social commentary produced in Rome, Italy in 2000 and exhibited in Ames, Iowa in 2001 as part of my undergraduate Honors thesis.
  • Curt Lund updated the Artwork Graphic Design
    Aside from visual and performing arts, Curt's professional practice in graphic design spans more than fifteen years, serving for-profit and non-profit clients, in-house and freelance. To view more of his design work, visit Curt's portfolio site,
  • Curt Lund updated the Artwork Screenprinting
    In teaching screenprinting at Minnesota Center for Book Arts and other venues around the Twin Cities, my focus is to show how basic tools and low-tech techniques can be used from home to explore screenprinting, without the need for tons of expensive equipment or fancy facilities. Typical curriculum includes basic stencil work (serigraphy) on and off screen; hand-drawn screen work; and photo emulsion screen work. - - - - - Details of East Fremont Project (2010-2011) Hand-pulled screenprints on p…
  • Field Guide (2010) Altered book This "specimen cabinet" was created by systematically cutting away the interior pages of the source book, a 1950s-era field guide, but leaving selected illustrations. By pure luck, I received two vintage copies of this same book, so this one-of-a-kind work was actually created in an edition of two.  - - -  Stones from the River (2010) Altered book, found objects The title of this found book inspired the alterations made to it. The artist grew up in Bismarck,…