Jewelry and Metal Arts
Sterling Silver
Fine Silver Hollowform
Larger bowl with base 3.75 inches in diameter, created in 2016. Smaller bowl with base 3.25 inches in diameter, added in 2017.


  • The Smiths: Metal Moves Us A gathering of 7 metal-inspired artists the entire month of June 2018 at the Art Guild Gallery in Stillwater, MN Smiths live to make metal move.  Some smiths hammer metal so hot they need special protective eyewear to look at it.  Others heat their metal to make it more malleable, then quench the metal and work it cold. No matter the process, each type of smith shapes metal into functional objects or creative art. Meet The A…
  • It's Jane! updated the Artwork Fine Silver Bowls
    Handforged from a flat sheet of fine silver, these vessels can hold salt on the kitchen prep island, salt on the dinner table, wine anywhere and even jewelry in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.  Jane uses a process called synclastic raising, employing large stakes and goldsmithing hammers. This bowl shape took 9 rounds of overlapping hammer strikes. Hammering work hardens metal, so its crystal structure must be annealed or relaxed with a torch to continue. The axes of the metal sheet are all …