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  • Title: Director of Public Programs and Exhibitions Organization: Peninsula School of Art Closes: Friday, March 15, 2019 Position Summary The Director of Public Programs and Exhibitions creates meaningful encounters between artists, students, the public, and works of art; including but not limited to exhibitions, gallery talks, lectures, demonstrations, special activities, performances, film screenings, as well as activities for families and children. The Director is responsible for managing exis…
  • Title: Summer Studios for Young Artists Instructor Organization: Peninsula School of Art Closes: Friday, March 22, 2019   Position Summary: Peninsula School of Art (PenArt), a non-profit visual arts education center in Fish Creek, WI, is seeking two part-time instructors for summer children’s and teen visual arts workshops. Under the supervision of the Director of Education, Summer Studios for Young Artists Program instructors are responsible for planning and implementing a visual arts worksh…
  • This workshop embraces a decorative and ornate approach to the surfaces and forms of functional ceramic ware. Using commercial and hand-made sprig molds, explore the possibilities for embellishment on wheel thrown and hand built work.
  • Have you ever thought about cooking with handcrafted utensils you made yourself? Pouring soup from a ladle that you created, or flipping pancakes with a spatula built to fit your hands? This workshop will focus on making beautiful, functional kitchen tools made mostly of metal. Possible items include spoons, forks, cheese knives, ladels, scoops, strainers, bowls, spatulas, and more. Open to all levels.
  • Explore the range and versatility of sheet metal and gain valuable skills for working with traditional metalworking tools and equipment. Several processes will be discussed, but emphasis will be on multiple fabrication techniques to construct three-dimensional forms. Open to all levels.
  • Gain and understanding of the basics of soldering and shaping metal to create jewelry as you envision it. Explore methods to texture, form, and fabricate sterling silver, copper, bronze, or brass sheet and wire in this two-day comprehensive workshop. Open to all levels.
  • Interested in installation art, but not sure where to start? While installation art is typically thought of in relation to sculpture, this hands-on workshop will consider the relationship between 2D and 3D using simple materials, such as fabric and paper. Discover how to convert these materials into complex forms to create an immerseive installation in collaboraiton with your classmates. Open to all levels.
  • Moving beyond the traditional rectangular, flat sheet of paper, this workshop investigates the relationship between experiences in the landscape and representing those experiences in the studio. With consideration for the viewer's interaction, create works that encompass space, tactility, and personal content. Open to intermediate to advanced levels.
  • This workshop explores the versatility and possibilities of combining oil paint with cold wax medium. Unlike encaustic, cold wax is used at room temperature to both extend the paint and serve as a medium. Utilize cold wax, tube oils, pigment sticks, powdered pigments, and a variety of implements to create meaningful abstractions. Open to all levels.
  • More than merely pleasing to the eye, pattern provides a dynamic framework for formal and conceptual exploration. The desire for order is central to humanity and repeating decoration adorns every corner of life. This workshop will urge you to consider the meditative, creative, and ubiquitous nature of pattern and inspire idea for incorporating it into your practice. Open to advanced beginner to intermediate.