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  • Arriving Ashore - a memorial for the lives lost in the forceful migrations 2018   handmade paper, pine wood, resin Installation dimension: 24 x 240 x 30 inches   Name is sacred. One’s name is given by one’s parents. One’s name humanizes one’s identity. When deaths without names become the numbers in a news you hear, the respect to the dignity of lives is absent. In the past year, we have been working with Dutch NGO UNITED for Intercultural Action (UNITED)* to create this piece based on…
  • Join artist in residence Peng Wu and sleep researcher Dr. Michael Howell for an open conversation about the culture of sleep and sleeplessness. This conversation marks the beginning of their collaborative project to rethink approaches to sleep therapy by combining their individual, cultural, artistic, and scientific perspectives. This event is part of a collaboration between the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration and the UMN Medical School.