Mixed Media Sculpture
Each chair altar is a different size - aprox. under 45"x 35"x 36"
Paper tape sculpture
Leather and Bead Dolls
Paper Clay


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  • MCPA - THE MINNEAPOLIS COLLECTIVE OF PAGAN ARTISTS IS PROUD TO JOIN WITH THE WALKER COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH to present an interfaith celebration of arts and the Summer  Solstice 3104 16th Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55407 EXHIBITION: June 1-12, 2015 CLOSING EVENT: 7-11pm, June12.2015 Interfaith Ceremony at 7:30 pm  followed b a musical performance b Hugin the Bard.  Refreshments served. ALL ARE WELCOME! MCPA Members Artists : Ali Beyer ( Artemis Namaste). Anne Marie Forrester (Helga H…
  •                        Black Dirt White Skull   Was it a dim recollection of a dream? Or had she been ambushed, betrayed?  She lay swaddled in a casket of earth. Her consciousness a gallery of knowledge, a library of herstory that was returning like bees to a hive. The buzzing a harmonic of rebirth. As she stretched the ground quivered. As she yawned the ground began to crumble. As she exhaled she altered the geography of the planet. They had stolen her glory, her antle…
  • Rmay Rivard updated the Artwork Circus Dog Croquet
    R U game to play a round or two of Circus Dog Croquet? This is a fantastical twist to the more traditional game. The lucious medley of colorful circus dogs are sculpted out of paper and duct tape. Then attached to coat hanger wire. The mallots are constructed from tolite paper tubes stuffed firm with paper and attached to a 3/4" x 36 dowl, then decorated with colorful duct tape. The game balls are crunched paper covered with same color duct tape. There is a method to this maddness!
  • Rmay Rivard updated the Artwork Prayer Dolls
    A prayer doll is a tool for connecting with your inner voice, your power to resolve issues of the heart and be your own support through emotionally challenging life lessons. Cradle your doll between your palms while sitting quietly in a receptive mood and allow your thoughts to flow. Name your doll.
  • Rmay Rivard updated the Artwork Paper Shrines
    For me collage is the medium of the subconscious. Seeming random images magnetize into a story telling format. The themes are the product of spontaneous creativity Paper shrines are collages of images that inspire the viewer to develope a story about their own life's journey. By viewing the collection then choosing five shrines that attract your attention for what ever the resason, like or dislike. Place them in order from favorite to least. What you may find is an outline of where you are at in…
  • Rmay Rivard updated the Artwork Season of the Witch
  • I am the mother of Abbey, daughter of Olga, granddaughter of Stella, grand niece of Helen, great granddaughter of Karolina, Catherine, Olean and Sula. Once upon a time about nine years ago, I sat in a dumpster dive wicker chair that I had reinforced with plaster gauze and transformed into an empty canvass that became a portal connection for me to magically conjure a spirit of one of my grandmothers. They all passed away before I was born. Thus began my odyssey to reclaim the connection to seven …