Andrea Grimaldi — Spark Live, 2.19.16

Live show, Storytelling
Fashion show, Performance, gallery
Storytelling, Visual Art, Performance Art
Workshop, community skill-building

En la Frontera del Arte (On the Margins of Art) Documentary (final version)

Film, documentary short
Storytelling, Performance, community skill-building
Live show, cabaret

In the studio with Anunaran

Video, research paper


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  • Writing love letters to ourselves allows us to create safer spaces to be honest and vulnerable in our artistic practice — and to offer ourselves love, care and support. Artists will learn some of the science behind positive self-talk and gain skills for writing their love letters. The workshop will have space for self-reflection and boundaries sharing to help foster community care along with self-care.  This workshop centers and uplifts LGBTQ Indigenous artists and artists of color — artis…
  • Engagement with youth is crucial to the continuation of radical arts programming, but artists often shy away from working with youth due to barriers they consider out of their control. Workshop participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to establish effective creative partnerships with youth across social and economic barriers. Through a combination of materials and philosophies, participants will be given tools for deep and effective engagement with youth artists and audienc…
  • Mike Curran updated the Artwork LAYERS
    The goal of Layers was to foster conversation about the experiences of marginalized peoples and groups through fashion, art and performance. The show featured a set of seven performance groups and storytellers, a gallery from community members, and a fashion show before and after the live performances. Through a combination of Twin Cities and Macalester-based performers, attendees were challenged to consider the intersectionality and visual representations of all our identities and how we may …
  • The Artist Education workshop series invites artists on the edge of culture to teach their peers about the personal and professional skills they’ve developed to thrive on the margins. The program — a unique collaboration between Patrick’s Cabaret, Pangea World Theater, and Soo Visual Arts Center — is intended to create collaborative space for artists to share their skills with fellow artists and organizers, to strengthen relationships and build resilience, and to provide opportunities fo…
  • Mike Curran updated the Artwork Does This Feel Good?
    A gathering to talk about pleasure and eroticism as they relate to our lives and various identities. While pleasure and eroticism are often limited to sex, artists explored eroticism as Audre Lorde describes it: a bridge to compassion, feeling joy, and understanding another’s joy.