March 18-28, 2016 in a vacant office suite in Green Bay, WI
January 22-February 16, 2018, Baer Gallery at St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI
July 14-August 6, 2017
May 5-25, 2017 (Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery at Madison Public Library, Madison, WI) and September 7-October 5, 2017 (Philip J Steele Gallery at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, CO)
Pop-up exhibition of national and international contemporary art by early-career artists in a vacant storefront, April 10-26, 2015


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  • updated the Artwork Lightforms
    Light, form, and space interact in a symbiotic relationship that provides us with visual information, and informs our experience of place in the world from moment to moment. Light transforms our conception of space. Form is given shape by light.  Space is a vessel for form. The four artists in this exhibition are based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where their physical surroundings in both the city and the studio, distinctly influence their paintings. Working in abs…
  • updated the Artwork Remote View: a pop-up show
    REMOTE VIEW is the second exhibition of its kind presented by Young Space (the first took place in Appleton, WI in April 2015 in a former bakery). Its aim is to support artists as a vehicle for exhibiting their work, give students the opportunity to exhibit work off-campus and within the wider context of the community, welcome the community to see an exciting selection of artwork by local and national artists, and emphasize the importance of diverse arts events in Northeast Wisconsin. This uniqu…
  • updated the Artwork Together With
    Together With is an exploration of duality, specifically addressing the so-called middle distance between two extremes. The premise of the exhibition was an artistic and geographic exchange, taking place both in Denver, CO, and Madison, WI, in order for artists in the Denver-based artist collective Hyperlink to engage with artists in other parts of the country and vice versa. Whether Denver and Madison are considered West or Midwest, they are both situated within the vast expanse between, and a…
  • updated the Artwork Settling the Ghost
    Settling the Ghost is an exhibition addressing the horizons, limitations, and temporality of the virtual realm. By underlining the capacity of the Internet to function as a vehicle for connecting dispersed communities in terms of both art and geography, this project aims to utilize the global reach of the Internet in order to collapse it into an unexpected place – a rural village in Northeast Wisconsin. As an autonomous, artist-led initiative, this exhibition presents an alternative to instit…