Digital Art & Painting
Abstract, mixed media
Abstract, Watercolor & acrylic
Three 10" x 7" paintings on watercolor paper



  • A wallpaper I made for my phone.
  • A collection feturing three paintings made using a mix of acrylic and watercolor. I experimented with dripping watercolor paint. Depicts the intesity and range of emotions I had been dealing with at the time. Painting these was an outlet. I had recently only been working on a project with a clear objective. Creating these gave me freedom.
  • This beagan as a doodle and turned into mixed media involving blue tape. It was made at a theater's front desk.
  • This was an entey for a contest I made that I was too late to enter! It would have been part of Joss Stones' album cover compitition for "Your Remixes of Water For Your Soul". The fish was painted and scaned to my computer, where I manipulated the rest of the image using GIMP software( it's a lot like photoshop but it's free, I would highly recomend it!).