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"She Never Raised Her Voice" (excerpt)

35mm color film

There but for the Grace of God: responding to the revelation

35mm color film
35 mm film
RUN TIME: 57:47
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Remembering Day


Talking Pollyana 2014

Contemporary Performance

Crowdfund PSA - Clothes Together

35 mm film
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Short Story


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  • Written for "For Kid's Sake" International Radio, produced by Claudia Daly, this short story is about how friendship transcends barriers. It can be heard read by the author at the FKSIR website:
  • When Revolution Is Set In Motion By Poets, Students, and Children, The Farmers Will Be Told What To Do is a sestina set to video, stills, and stop motion imagery that depicts three acts of revolution that took place in Spain, China and South Africa.  The voice of the writer, Brenda Bell Brown,is depicted in masque by the character Imma Witness.  Likewise, the spirt of the revolutionaries are depicted by the Children of the Root'd.  Masque Imma B Root'd nurtures the revolutionary spir…
  • I have had the distinct honor of participating in several projects produced by Minnesota's Theatre Unbound.  Much love to its fem-original talents and founders, Anne Bertram and Stacey Poirier, for pulling me into the fray : ) The Productions: "Talking Pollyana -or- if you wanna see me do my thing, baby pull my string" Written by "FireChild" Brenda Bell Brown ("I will light you up!") & "Rowdy" Rhiana Yazzie Directed by Alissa "The Timelord" Blaeser Featuring: Kristen "BadgerBadass" Mathisen…
  • Included in the 2012 Saint Paul Almanac, this story pays homage to neighbor and friend Bobbie Gant and the role that Bobbie played in making Frogtown-Saint Paul a good place to live.
  • Introduced to the love of clothing construction by a host of relatives and a family friend--her mother, her grandmother, her uncle, and the neighborhood seamstress--Brenda designed and made doll clothes in her youth and later graduated to making her own design of "hip and funky" wear during high school. Recycling jeans into wearable, trendy art has been the trademark of her design talents.
  • The folk of MIZPAH UCC (Hopkins, MN) pay for those in need to do their laundry, including the detergent, and they granted me the opportunity to document their community work.
  • "She Never Raised Her Voice" - a short film written, directed and produced by Brenda Bell Brown - musical score by Darrell St. Blaine In response to a call to enter the 2014 MNKINO/Composer Quest challenge, the short film "She Never Raised Her Voice" was created. A daughter's quest for self-realization is guided by her knowledgeable and loving mother. It is a love-filled journey. This film is one of three exploring the development of story in relationship to Black American musical traditions of …
  • I needed to write this to let you know that I really like you.  Like that emanates from a place comparable to sleep.  As in like, like a well that is dug deep and widened and widened and rounded, only to find that, not just water comes from those hills,  the valley also yields precious oil that is like no other.  You drilled clear down to China, baby,  and I didn’t have to turn on a dime.  Like, do you know what it’s like to like to the point  that you like yourself  like you…
  • Included in the [i]2012 Saint Paul Almanac[/i], this story pays homage to neighbor and friend Bobbie Gant and the role that Bobbie played in making Frogtown-Saint Paul a good place to live.
  • Inspired by the backstage discussions on self-esteem, beauty, and style, Steppingstone Theatre child actor veteran Naima Brown and her mother, Brenda Bell Brown, scripted Eye Spy: Beauty in My Eye. Emphasizing the strength of family and friendship connections, Eye Spy reveals the beauty of girls and women through historic presentations, song, and dance.