vitreous brown clay, cinder blocks
1' x 5' x 30'
vitreous brown clay, paper and steel mount
16” x 50” x 20”
site-specific sculptural intervention, constructed from found paper, existing architectural elements and camera obscura
construction 5' x 20' x 35' installation space is 32' x 60' x 60'


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  • updated the Artwork Exposure Pathways
    Exposure Pathways is a site-specific sculptural intervention in the former Plainwell Paper Mill situated along the Kalamazoo River and EPA Superfund site in Southwest Michigan. The 20’ x 35’ structure was fabricated entirely from one ream of abandoned Plainwell Paper product found in the mill. The sculpture references the form of the Kalamazoo watershed and is lit solely by the limited sunlight that enters the building. Depending on weather and time of day, a camera obscura image of the sky…