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  • This interactive food system game plays on the idea of the “corn vote,” a popular form of fair opinion polling, in which participants vote by placing corn kernels in mason jars. The game is built in the form of a Plinko Board with mason jars at bottom representing different components of the food system (healthy eating, vibrant farms, thriving economies, etc.) People are encouraged to vote with (agricultural) tokens for which part they value the most. The tokens (beans) falling through the o…
  • with []Sergio Vucci[/url] (30 members): The Minneapolis Society of Tourists is dedicated to the exploration of and enpleasurement in our local surroundings through experiencing the old through a new lens. The Minneapolis Society of Tourists: Come explore the Minneapolis you kind of already know. The lines representing each tour are layers Valentine makes on participants' embroidered patches.
  • Images of the process involved in the project Map Turtle: Graptemys geographica (2000, Cast Bronze ) Part of the "Garden of Great Ideas" sculpture trail gifted to Vanderbilt University by the Newington-Cropsey Foundation, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY (sited in front of East Hall, near the Wyatt Center, on the Peabody Campus, Nashville, TN) "Map Turtle" represents an engagement with the Britannica "Great Idea" of "World" through mapping and particularly through relations between cartographic symbolizat…
  • Watercolor sketches
  • Exhibited June 1998, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University: Perceptions of Vernacular New England
  • November 13, 2000: [url=uploads/users/user_17808/46a85f1ab8f35eeadef88f1964663a89/46a85f1ab8f35eeadef88f1964663a89.jpg][i]Map Turtle: Graptemys Geographica[/i][/url] by Kirsten Valentine Cadieux was dedicated in front of East Residence Hall on the Peabody campus. Working with the concept of "Mapping," Cadieux, who received her undergraduate degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University and is in the geography graduate program at the University of Toronto, explained that her …