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A Triversal Woman: A Triversal Man

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Selection. Ask A woman is South North magnet from head to pelvis. A man is North South magnet. Ask Can you imagine emotions developing if repel is disagree, and attract is agree. Ask Can you imagine that thought in a dual or binary system develops from this idea? Ask can you verify? This is evolutionary biology with a touch of physics and mathematics.

The following brief description is adult material. We trust it is not offensive. I will try to describe the subject as poetry.

Ask can you imagine that the tongue of a human has a different evolution than the nose. Ask can you imagine combining a tongue with a flower such as a rose? The tongue rises from the flower. When did you observe a little girl stick her tongue out at somebody?

This is a new idea that I wrote years ago, but was not then satisfied with the process. I suggest the reader look at this idea from a medical viewpoint.
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On generation of feelings? Ask what feeling is generated in you, when you hold in your hands two magnets, pushing them together? Ask if you feel positive and competitive and warm and friendly?

Ask if you feel negative and distraction when drawing apart, with your hands, two magnets in attraction?

I remember the idea is formed from Lemarckian Evolution when he describes development from physical forces such as electricity and magnetism.

Ask if there is an abstraction of the self formed from these forces?

Continue, Ask If the face of a human is like the face of a plant? The nose is a stamen, and the tongue from a flower is a pistil. Ask Can you imagine and believe a tongue emerging from a flower and being useful in reproduction of humankind?

Continue, We predict the day will arrive when two women can reproduce together. But, they will probably be called heterosexual if they can reproduce together. At present, it may not be possible to unite two ovi, apparently because of a law in mathematics and physics, that Like charges or poles, repel. The form of the ovi may have to be modified or changed in order to make it possible and practical. Ask what advantages would happen? What you may get is a Jack in the Pulpit, or Jill in the Pulpit.
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Continue, Two mothers, Ask can you imagine and believe a tongue emerging from a flower, or two tongues both emerging from different flowers, and forming a meeting, and then both drawing back into a (different) recess, and one of them becoming fertile with young. Both would be called or named mothers. By Ms. Lynn Fisher, 6 February 2009