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A Priest is a Priest Forever

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priest forever

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"A Priest is a Priest Forever" was used for a book cover
written by Fr. Robert J. Fox - it is his autobiography - 50 years in Christ's Holy Priesthood.

It will inspire young men to consider the priesthood and parents to encourage their sons to consider a priestly vocation.

The profound meaning of the Holy Eucharist as Sacrifice and Sacrament, with strong scriptural basis, is presented. The faithful who read this book prayerfully will come to a deeper faith understanding of the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood, of the Church itself.

It is seldom we can read the story of the life of a priest for 50 years and in true story form gain at the same time a much deeper understanding of the mysteries of our Catholic faith. Fr. Robert J. Fox has accomplished this feat while giving a true account of his life from childhood, to seminary life and through 50 years of the holy priesthood. After reading this autobiography you will want to present copies to priests and seminarians.


"A Priest is a
Priest Forever."

I must say that my 50th year has been for me a year of the greatest physical sufferings, as can be noted in the first paragraph of this editorial. And yet, this 50th year has been like the other 49. I've been more happy each year in living Christ's priesthood, more happy than the previous year.

In many ways it is a great grace to brush death so closely but continue on. I had never had a car accident before. They were always something that happened to other people. I hesitated to share with you some of the experiences I've been through the past 5 months as I've been returning gradually to physical normalcy with the help of therapy. But the joy of being alive, able to continue to serve the Lord, souls, His Church, is too great to retain within myself.

After some years of repeated encouragement from respected people to write a book on my life, I finally started an autobiography. I had started it some months before the serious accident. Then I could not think about that during the first months of recovery. Realizing my 50th anniversary as a priest was coming up April 24th, 2005, I finally was able to get back to writing. I continued writing the book, hoping to get it out by the time of the 50th Anniversary.