Susan Davies

my graffiti wall

my graffiti wall
my graffiti wall

graffiti wall at Lunderby's photo studio

my graffiti wall | Media List


I painted this graffiti at Lunderby's photo studio in Rockford, MN as a background for grad photo sessions


they LOVE it!

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0000000...tony.... Tony.... TONY!!!!
El Gato Picasso
0000001 Old Chair in Sunlight
prairie serenade
00000000 Evensong
goddess of the red moon (Wadjyt)
evening harmony
altar to a river bride (Ophelia)
Rite of Spring 1 of 5
Rite of Spring panel 2 of 5
Rite of Spring 3 of 5
Rite of Spring #4 of 5
Rite of Spring 5 of 5
goddess of the sky (surrender)
0001 lighning in the water
Blue Dress
study- male model
02: An American Obsession
Male Model
Sophia (In Her Care)
amber form
Enduring the Rite
Alone with Her Thoughts
Come to the Water
Rebekkah's Dream
Dance of the Chicks
signing dog
Shadow of Himself
can you hear my heartbeat
Illussionless Man
perceive 2
perceive, select...3
026 In the Coming Years
The Mother
The Mother- Painting
venus rock
Oh, Virga
000000 Harmony 2
The Harmonies 1
000000A Blue Harmony -1
056 goddess altar
016: river altar
forgotten feminine
Sue Davies- Art a Whirl
Nov.3 Minnesota Daily A&E
artist residency Sherburne Cty
stick goddess drawing 1
dogwood goddess
where's my mother altar
trying hard to stay calm
000000 3 vessels
000000 Blue Harmony 3
Blue Harmony 2
my graffiti wall
Lady of the Lake
windsong 1
buffalo arts guild show
0000000 sketch: prairie night and day
graffiti for Reader's Art 11
windsong Gull Page
crickets signing
Evensong 2
Firebird five
Firebird 4
Firebird 3
Firebird 2
There's no place like home
Wanna Play
"Shake it Off"
00000001 Hungarian Redux
"Lily" the Buffalo