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Origin of the Universe Copyright 1980

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Copyright 1980 Lynn H Fisher, How did the universe begin? The Big Bang Theory is favored today. But where did the extremely dense blob come from that is supposed to have preceded the tremendous explosion? continue, I am suggesting something that may surprise you. Yes, the universe began from a neutral something, but perhaps that neutral something was pure space. continue, Let us take as a model a neutron which is electrically neutral. Left by itself it separates into proton, electron and neutrino. It appears possible that neutral space could also separate into positive and negative parts. continue, But what could tear balanced or neutral space apart. What could make these balanced fields of neutral space into positive and negative matter and energy? First, I favor the idea that the infinite universe has everywhere the property of attraction like gravitation. The attraction of the infinite universe tore "cracks" in the universe which became positive, negative, normal and antimatter and energy. continue, The cracks closed by becoming spherical by what process we do not know. continue, This dual or twosome nature suggests that the universe has as its foundation the process 1,2,4,8 as in cell division. continue, Because protons and electrons are paired and opposite and exist as the numeral two, it may be wondered if magnetism exists as or is represented as the numeral four. Then, perhaps gravitation is represented as the numeral eight. I am presenting these things without proof, but I am, also, predicting that future events will bring this prediction to light. continue, By representing these forces as numbers, it is perhaps possible to demonstrate the structure of the human body. For example, there are two sides to the body, right and left, There are four major limbs: arms and legs. If the mouth, usually thought of as one organ is thought of as two, symmetry, and include eyes, ears, and nostrils of nose, then there are eight major organs in the head. It appears that the pairing of the forces may lead to pairs in the human body. Evolutionary biology. Addenda, Copyright 2003 Lynn H Fisher, Instead of an extremely dense blob we begin with a universe infinite in all reaches. The universe has the power of attraction, but repulsion is at first unknown. We imagine something of space in the middle of the universe. The middle may be in many places. continue, The middle is drawn apart toward the outer reaches. The middle becomes balanced into positive and negative closed forms. But the universe continues open ending. continue, The universe is not perfect. My sense tells me that a perfect universe would close upon itself and die. A universe that is not perfect should be unending and changing. Ask If laws evolve and involve from an invariant? Ask If laws evolve from an equation such as y = 2 to the power of x? This is original and independent creation by Lynn Fisher.
Continue, Ask can you imagine that space, pure space, is multiplied of all directions. But energy is divided from space or has fewer directions or vectors in some kind of order. Ask If mass is divided from energy, and then multiplied to obtain systems. Ask If Space is equal to Mass multiplied by Energy or S = EM or ME. Ask if there is also a coefficient of transformation? To obtain this equation you would have to have a common denominator in all of S,E, and M.
Continue, A rewrite. Ask can you imagine and believe that space, pure or empty space, is multiplied or combined of all directions. Ask can you imagine that pure space is infinite and unbounded, and has everywhere the property of attraction. But , in a here and now place in space is experienced a drawing together. But, in a far reach of space is also a drawing together. But, imagine that the here and far draw apart or divide from each other. Ask if this divide, and multiply in pure or empty space, causes energy to form? Ask if energy is divided from empty space and by a physical law becomes a line segment with two directions, and then a vector with one direction. Then, imagine the vector curves, and poles and charges are formed. Ask if you can introduce time as a function in a universe that divides, and multiplies? If a universe draws together, and draws apart, it may oscillate and cause time to function. Copyright 2005 Lynn H Fisher, May be photocopied or reproduced for review, conversation, or classroom use. 7 July 2005 LF
Continue, An explanation of property of attraction or bonding in pure or empty space, Ask If a line segment having opposing directions of positive eight and negative eight is added, it will equal zero or nonexistence. But, if the line segment of two opposing directions, for instance positive eight and negative eight, is divided, it will equal a value of negative one. Argument, If unlike charges or poles attract is like negative one divided by positive one equals negative one, that is bonding or attraction. This is the gem of a proof of the property of attraction in pure or empty space, that the value of negative one represents bonding or attraction. But, the property of attraction between pure space in the here and now, and pure space in the far and now, should draw apart line segments into vectors of positive and negative. The vectors by a physical law of economy should then curve and close to become charges of electricity and poles of magnets.
23 September 2005 LF

Origin of the Universe was a one page, typewritten work, that I presented the original to the Manuscripts Division at University of Minnesota by Last Will.  This was the Literary Manuscript Department.  But because the work is mathematical I am now submitting it to other libraries at this time.  23 March 2010

Continue, I have a question.  Ask if pure or empty space is Dominant Trait, and matter or existence is a Recessive Trait (Terminology from Gregor Mendel).  If we use zero or (0) to represent empty space, and one or (1) to represent existence, then, we arrive at a method of describing Dominant and Recessive Traits (similar to genetics of Mendel).  First, Zero multiplied by zero equals zero that, also, represents Empty Space.  The reverse sequence One and Zero, also, equals Zero.  But, One multiplied by One, or one divided by one, equals One or existence.  I'm confident of this process.  The process came to me during the 1970s during reflection.  (31 December 2007)  23 March 2010 LF.