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An Immigrant's Tale

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Join Ole and help him pack his trunk for America. Discover the choices an immigrant has to make when coming to this new land. Learn some of the traditions that go along with items in the trunk.

This story covers immigration in the mid-1800s. Using an immigrant trunk as a focal point, I share what it was like to come to America.


"Oh my goodness! Your program was the favorite of the day! The kids were still talking about you when we got back to school! We loved the way you connected it with real family life. Thanks for sharing your heritage with our "city" kids."

"I like how you appeared to be very stoic and proper and were actually hilarious. Your teaching of the counting to 10 was brilliant. Your presentation of facts was facinating due to your entertaing presentation. You were the highlight of our stops."

"As a teacher, I thought you made the kids think and problem solve while getting out your info. The use of humor was also a gift to us. I'm sure my students will remember your presentation."

"This is truly an interactive presentation."

"I found the homespun character of Ole a soothng experience."

"It's easy to like Roger Hellesvig's character. The Norwegian Immigrant is fun and very believable."

"Think of it as an entertaining theatrical history lesson."

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An Immigrant's Tale
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