Mark Hayden

"Employ Ex-Offenders 2" - Mark Hayden

"Employ Ex-Sarah" 17™ - Mark E. Hayden - Jim Jones Jr.
"Employ Ex-Sarah" 17™ - Mark E. Hayden - Jim Jones Jr.

50" x 70" (123.0 cm X 177.8 cm)

UV Safe Inkjet Print.

One of a series of images created to help the plight of ex-offenders as they re-enter society.

(660,000 inmates are released in to society each year.)

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The effects of globalization and technological advances have resulted in the creation of ascriptive markers that have taken the place, and/or serve as an alternative to traditional forms of identity categorization.
"660,000 inmates are released into American society each year."
The status of being an ex-offender has emerged as a contemporary means of discrimination.
The nomenclature of "ex-offender" now serves as a proxy for race and class based means of discriminatory isolation. Thereby questioning and forcing the viewer to consider the use of identity in both art and culture.
Mark Hayden & Sarah C. Walker