Peter McLarnan

You're Dead: March 19, 1999

You're Dead: March 19, 1999
You're Dead: March 19, 1999

You're Dead: March 19, 1999 | Media List

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Canoe / Boat Builder, Caricaturist, Cartographer/Mapmaker, Cartoonist, Ceramicist, Children's Writer, Choreographer, Chronicler, Clown, Collagist, Colored Pencil Artist, Comedian, Commercial Artist, Composer, Computer Artist, Conceptual Artist, Conductor, Coppersmith, Costume Designer, Costumer, Craftsman, Curator (Media Arts), Curator (Visual Arts), Dance Caller, Dancer, Designer, Diarist, Digital Artist, Director, DJ, Doll Artist, Draftsman, Dramaturge, Ecclesiastical Artist, Editor, Enameler, Engraver, Environmental artist, Essayist, Fashion Designer, Fiber Artist, Film Composer, Filmmaker, Folk Artist, Furniture Maker, Gilder, Glass Artist, Glass Engraver, Glassworker, Goldsmith, Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Guitarist, Guitarist, Rhythm Guitar, Humorist, Illustrator, Improv Artist, Industrial Designer, Ink Artist, Installation Artist, Instrumentalist, Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Intern Architect

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S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. Serious Undertakings Regarding Visionary Investigations into the Vital Attributes of Longevity
SSHAIR Skilled Services Human Assistance & Information Resource
3950- end
Tarzan and his Mate
Death Wish
You're Dead: March 19, 1999
Love Potion Numero Uno