Gabriel Combs

statik kinetic abstrakt 062308

statik kinetic abstrakt 062308
statik kinetic abstrakt 062308

12" x 8" acrylic and enamel on masonite

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statik kinetic abstrakt 062308
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don't forget to feed the cat!
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Russian Blue cat ACEO card
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Kat022710: "what, you got beez in yer brain?!"
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what does a cat say?
kat 040412
Statik Kinetic Insekts 050112
Tortoise 050612
kat ration
horse 052412
statik optikous 070412
statik kineticst 070312
Rorschach of Psychosis 080712
eyekon katskrap 060413
worker bee 110713
kat 013014