Studio 677 eXperimental interMedia

Intermedia Arts Student Projects

1999 project by Zak
1999 project by Zak

1999 project by Zak

2003 Student Project
2003 Student Project

2003 Student Project

Dan and Suzi, 2006
Dan and Suzi, 2006

Dan and Suzi, 2006

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Students in the fall, 2008 class Intermedia Arts are developing interdisciplinary content on this site, updating it to web-link and document a final performance installation on December 3rd. Past student projects have involved performance installations with live electronics, interactive projections, experimental instruments and video wall.

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Fred Ho, composer-performer
Strange Attractors 26 Festival
Strange Attractors 25 Festival
Strange Attractors XII Festival
Pamela Z, composer-performer
Strange Attractors X Festival
Art Car
Creativity Class Projects
AHEAD Intermedia Art Workshop - Summer, 2002
Improvised Music Series
George Cartwright, composer-saxophonist
College For Kids
Summer Improvisation Series
AHEAD Summer Workshop - 2003
Strange Attractors XI Festival
Roland's Ghost
TumbleWeed - Sabbatical Projects by David Means
Experimental Opera Workshop with Jim Malec
Strange Attractors 13 Festival
Dain Girodat - Poet in Residence
Spring 06 Creativity Class
Strange Attractors 14 Festival
Strange Attractors 15 Festival
Maureen Koelsch - All the Last Goodbyes (premier)
Georgia Stephens - My Life on the Moon
Steve Goldstein with the Nobles eXperimental interMedia Group
Carei Thomas with The New Rhythm Ranch Hands
Strange Attractors 16 Festival
Strange Attractors 17 Festival
Experimental Music Class, Fall, 2007
Strange Attractors 18 Festival
Spring 08 Creativity Class
Strange Attractors 19 Festival
Johnny Rodriguez Residency
Intermedia Arts Student Projects
"Le Futurisme" at 100
Looking Through the Cube
Strange Attractors 20
Strange Attractors 21
Strange Attractors 22 Festival
Plato's Cave
Strange Attractors 23 Festival
Johnny Rodriguez at Strange Attractors 23
A John Cage Musicircus and Centennial Celebration
Matt Manowski at Strange Attractors 24
SHAPE at Strange Attractors 24
Walking Through Songs
Collaboration Class- Spring, 2014