Joshua Cunningham

Doug and Janie's Place - SOLD

Doug and Janie's Place - SOLD
Doug and Janie's Place - SOLD

Doug and Janie's Place - SOLD | Media List


14"x18", Oil on Mounted Linen

Acquired during the Peninsula Art School' Annual Plein Air Festival in Door County.

Forty Artists. Six days to paint. One incredible event.
We are the largest plein air paint-out and competition of the Midwest region. We invite top-notch artists whose work is known across the country. The artwork created in Door County is spectacular.

Over 250 miles of shoreline- arts, theatre and music every day- It's no wonder that Door County is referred to as the 'Cape Cod' of the Midwest.

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Rain in the Beans
The St. Paul Yard
Up Late in Lowertown - SOLD
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Light and the Lilac - SOLD
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Low - SOLD
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Into Evening - SOLD
First Light, on the Last Day in Firenze - Collection of the Artist's Wife
Autumn and the Frost - SOLD
Frosty Autumn - SOLD
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Doug and Janie's Place - SOLD
November Along Childs Road - SOLD
Along the Line - SOLD
Heart of Door County - SOLD
Glare, Air, and Trestle - SOLD
Winding Through Autumn - SOLD
Spring Pastrue - SOLD
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Edge of a Meadow - SOLD
Spring Near Northfield - SOLD
Lilydale in a Frost - SOLD
Golden Hour in A Tulip Feild
Trestle and Frost - SOLD
Steel and Air - SOLD
Steel and Air, Field Sketch - SOLD
Good Morning Maiden Rock - SOLD
Bringing in the Fall - SOLD
Below A Rising Sky - SOLD
Three of a Kind - SOLD
A Walk Across the Rooftops, Commission
Bare Branches and Blue Shadows - SOLD
Low Rollers - SOLD
After the Party - SOLD
Bridges of St. Paul - SOLD
A Serious Sky - SOLD
Looking for Mermaids at Cave Point - SOLD
Creek Song
Makin' Hay While the Sun Shines - SOLD
Coverin' My Tracks - SOLD
Not So Skinny Dippers - SOLD
Below the Mendota - SOLD
Leaning into Spring - SOLD
Praying for Taylor