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Monocle Man

Monocle Man
Monocle Man

CD; Sleeve art by Branko Gulin, detail, acrylic on canvas


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    CD; Sleeve art by Branko Gulin, detail, acrylic on canvas



MONOCLE MAN is aCD single of myprose underscored with original music and vocals was released May 15, 2009, in limited copies of 100, with original sleeve art by Branko Gulin. Orders can be made through CD Baby at the link provided or by contacting me at http://www.leighherrick.com


"The third listen settled all thoughts on poem for good. There was no doubt in my mind as it finished that I had just listened to one of the most profound pieces of spoken word poetry that I’ve heard in entirely too long . . . It’s in these characterizations and in painting the parts of her world that she wants us to see that Herrick gives us the best performance aspects of MONOCLE MAN.Hers is the perfect performance for a poem." -Gabriel Ricard

MONOCLE MAN is a riveting sidebar to the more openly activist / issue-anchored poems Leigh usually writes. Here she turns matter of fact observations into a suspenseful barely-active act of witnessing; and she it does it with an amazing restraint and calm that makes this excellent story resonate. I bark at cars! How does Leigh do it? The secret is in the soundtrack. While all of Leigh’s pieces are compelling and beautifully written, they are rarely so infused with pop cultural savvy. Monocle Man is smart, surprising, and subversive. -Music Master

"Herrick's MONOCLE MAN is a masterwork which defies all logical genre assignments while deeply involving the listener in a social 'depth tapestry' whose ultimate witness is every denizen of a pan-local, neighboring humanity itself . . . . The musical composition is equally singlular and stunning, opening upon the creepy, but resolving toward the strangest of transcendent emotional states. I cannot in conscience compare this to any other piece of writing with which I am familiar. It is too direct for comparison, and too essential for 'speaking away' the import of its message. Ban reviews and go to the source: essential listening. -Michael Main

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