Sasha Andreev

The Bronze Bitch Flies at Noon & Dog Tag - 2008 MN Fringe Festival

The Bronze Bitch Flies at Noon & Dog Tag - 2008 MN Fringe Festival | Media List


Presented by Magicword Theater
at U of M Rarig Center Arena

The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon
by Matthew A. Everett

A statue on campus is rumored to up and fly away on the day the first virgin graduates from the college. The night before graduation, Jonathan (Buddy Haardt*) and David (Sasha Andreev*) meet to make sure if the statue flies off, it won't be their fault. A security guard (Joe Bombard) making the rounds may complicate matters.

Dog Tag
by Anne Bertram & Matthew A. Everett

While out walking the dog, Ed (Sasha Andreev*) runs into ex-lover Paul (Buddy Haardt*). Will their dog Percy (Joe Bombard) be able to get the two estranged men to reunite?

*member of Actors' Equity Association, appearing with the permission of Actors' Equity Association


Star Tribune

These are two dramadies by Matthew A. Everett and Anne Bertram about gay male relationships. In the first, a virgin nerd pays a frat boy for his first time. In the second, a dog, out for a walk with his master, tries to engineer a reconciliation with his master's ex. These exquisite miniatures are sweetly romantic with enough humor to leaven the sentimentality. (Much slapstick comes from the man playing a dog.) Add delicately nuanced performances and this is a heartwarming event. - William Beard

Pioneer Press

Worth Considering - ...two scenes from (gay) relationships that are both keenly written and skillfully acted. "Bronze Bitch" sees a nerdy college kid trying to buy off his virginity the night before graduation, while "Dog Tag" places a frisky canine between two ex-lovers. HGTV viewers might recognize Sasha Andreev from "Curb Appeal" and "Decorating Cents." His obvious chemistry with fellow actor Buddy Haardt gives their shared scenes an undeniable kick. - Ross Raihala