Hobbyhorse: Connecting the Wild and the Constructed

Constructions (of Time and Space)
Constructions (of Time and Space)
Constructions (of Heart and Soul)
Constructions (of Heart and Soul)
Contsructions   (of Winners and Losers)
Contsructions (of Winners and Losers)


duality in nature is omnipresent in each step of my life.  I have
experienced the last two decades soaked in spaces wild and natural,
and also constructed and natural.  I am on an endless adventure
seeking understanding through connection.  I quest to communicate
in these two worlds.  These worlds, wild and constructed, don’t
always sync.  They orbit cyclically at different velocities, creating
a woven path that intertwines on an instantaneous basis.  The intersection
of the two realms presents itself at visits to the barn- a quiet place
where animalistic instinct and abstract, complex thought dance together.
This self-portrait series expresses the complexities thoughts, and simplicities
of actions.  The caricatures capture human emotion in animal physicality,
using personal memories as a starting point.  Each one elicits
a physical memory from my body or mind.

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Hobbyhorse: Connecting the Wild and the Constructed
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