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High Winds and Smooth Sailing

High Winds and Smooth Sailing
High Winds and Smooth Sailing

original watercolor 22 x 30 sold
140# watercolor and stretched canvas giclee's available in varying sizes. s/n 22 x 30, open 11 x 15.

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    original watercolor 22 x 30 sold
    140# watercolor and stretched canvas giclee's available in varying sizes. s/n 22 x 30, open 11 x 15.


An artist has the ability to move the surroundings of reality around!
This beautiful old gingerbread house was situated in a busy city. I eliminated a row of evergreen trees that blocked the view, fit in a beautiful flower garden setting
and moved the whole plot to a country setting where there was lots of room for the children to fly kites.
Hence the name, "High winds, Smooth Sailing"

Minnesota has many wonderful old homes with history and fancy exteriors and turrets. You are able to tell the general location of the houses because the brick was usually manufactured locally and the color of the local clay determined the color of the brick. Our area of Central Minnesota has yellow brick and our own house is a yellow brick home.
This home was built in Southern Minnesota.


The house was recognized in a magazine ad even from a tiny picture by a tourist outside of her community.

02-1999 Harmony in the Arts 99 National Juried Show, Juried acceptance, Elk River, MN.

02-2000 Snow Daze, Blaine Blue Ribbon

Folks really like the old fashioned gingerbread house styles. Sometimes I like to make a variety of white clapboard houses instead.
I am not stuck on any certain color but I did have fun with the intensity of color in this painting. It is a mixed color.

I like to enhance these High Winds - Smooth Sailing giclee's now and soften the hard edges of the flowers and garden growth with watercolor crayons. .... Beautiful colors and great line detail.

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