Wilber H. Schilling


LETTER, The Death of Lord Chesterfield
LETTER, The Death of Lord Chesterfield

Four altered double page spreads of Lord Chesterfield's letters to his son (Circa 1774). Over printed using the Van Dyke Brown phtographic process.

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LETTER, The Death of Lord Chesterfield...

Media: Letterpress, Van Dyke Brown Printing, 2009. This is a multi-faceted self-referencing portrait created by altering a series of pages from an early edition (1774) of the published correspondences of the 18th century British statesman Lord Chesterfield to his son. This work plays on the meaning of 'letter' as a written document and as it relates to typography and fine printing. In this work, Lord Chesterfield's portrait is reduced to a typeface.


"In this recent work , visual artist and book designer Chip Schilling reveals a deep appreciation for the traditional aspects of typography, printing, and fine book production" - Dennis Jon, Curator, Minneapolis Institute of Art