Bud Burgy

Muscles and Frights (2009)

Cover by Marcus Miller
Cover by Marcus Miller

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Ghosts! Werewolves! Zombie-fighting Bunnies! Ghastly tales and gruesome mayhem have fallen upon us. God help us all! After muscling and fighting our way through 43 rounds of adrenaline pumping action and serving you up some heavy doses of fights and protein shakes (see Muscles & Fights 1-3), we’ve decided to add one more horrific ingredient: PURE EVIL. That’s right folks, we’ve thrown out Schwarzenegger and replaced him with maggot-filled crypt keepers, blood-thirsty vampires, and hatchet-wielding crazoids! We’ve resurrected a few contributors and summoned up some new ones. So grab some garlic. Fill that canteen with the holiest of water. Load a silver bullet in that .45. Pray for daylight, dust off that crucifix and staple it to your forehead, because you’re about to be thrown into a demonic comic-festival from hell! $10