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Beth Barron: Wounds and Bandages

Beth Hangs Show
Beth Hangs Show

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Twelve years ago, Beth Barron stumbled upon several bandages stuck to the pavement.
Since then, she seems to have an uncanny ability to spot the discarded evidence of wounding
everywhere she goes. She have been collecting these mementos and they become her work.
Prodded by these raw materials, she question their symbolism. What could a discarded
band-aid mean? Who did this belong to? What happened to them? The questions
haven’t stopped. She contemplates how it is that we heal, or if we do: "Are we more
fragile or resilient, once wounded?"
"I will forever be compelled by the “stitch” and the metaphor of it as a “mark” to
catalog time, events and emotion. The line of the stitch fascinates me, knowing as I
follow those marks, a story will emerge.”
Beth Barron is a self-taught artist. She collects things