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Amy Toscani Moon Rocks

Amy Toscani Installs
Amy Toscani Installs

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Amy Toscani's art is a
weird mix of fantasy and 4-H.
Through hand-made objects she obliquely references camp, kitsch, and
queer culture. She is in engaged in
recoding the mainstream, although her sculpture borrows heavily from Midwestern
America. They are self-deprecating and have intrinsic humanistic qualities. The
sculptures are a balance of voluptuousness and absurdity. She
makes the everyday an epic work, a vaguely recognizable spectacle.

Amy is also interested in visual frauds. Currently, she is investigating concepts of display, veneers and facades and as stand-ins for
real objects. She's honing and
specifying the previous work of object –making and exploring art more honestly. Instead of making fake things and presenting
them as if they are real, now she is making real fake things.