Stephen Twite

Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors...a riot of color depicting the changing seasons

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    Autumn Colors...a riot of color depicting the changing seasons


Autumn Colors depicts the riot of fall colors...acrylics on hardboard, 4X12 available as an original


Selceted as a favorite image on multiple occasions

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Rhode Island "Red"
Toucan V
Santo Domingo Turkey
The Raven
Egret in the Reeds
Harlequin Turtle
Ladies at the Lake
Autumn Colors
Calderesque Cats
Diaphanous Flowers
Pueblo Antelope
Egret in Flight
Ringneck Silhouette
Ducks on the Wing
Goose on the Wing
Calderesque Dog
Out of the Sun
Lady Blue
Stormy Night
Lady in Teal
Tropical Fish
Koi Polloi
Thank You Mr Klee II
Swan Lake
Menominee Flowers
Spirit Lizard
Inuit Design
Phase 2 Rock and Roll
Mooning Over You
Fish of the Deep II
Bird III
Fish of the Deep II Companion Piece
Toucan at Rest
Toucan II
Dream with Me
Lauren's Bird, original art
Rachel's BIrd
Collared Aracari out on a limb
Aracari III
Aracari II
Gold Fish II
Blackbird Goin' Home
Miro with a Twist
Speckle Breasted Whatchamacallit
Tree of Life
Dreamscape II
Iron Orchid
Tree of Life III
The Blueberry Tree
Black Beauty
Charlie the Confused Chameleon
Toucan X
Blue Bird
Monkey's Uncle
Thank You Mr Miro III
Dark Times
Everything's Just Ducky
Blue Man in Orbit
Teal for Two
Blue New II
Autumn Blue
Autumn Gold
Magritte Homage
Cree Design II
Eyes Have It
Seagull in a Copper Sky
Tree of Life III
At the Knee of the Master
The Dream
Moon Over Marrakesh
Another One Two
Two Ladies
Global Warming
A Calder Sky
Ladybugs, Flowers & Summertime
Magritte Homage in Orange
Egret on One Leg
Ladybugs, Flowers & Summertime
Street Art
Two Faced
A Face on the Street
Tree of Life IV
Woman of Maiden Rock
Two Blackbirds
Stark Soltice
Flower Power